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Tales of a Married Gamer – The End

Greetings and welcome to another Tales of a Married Gamer. Yes, that is how I started about a hundred of these articles, and I figured it would be a fitting way to begin this article which will be the last regular article in this series. To date, I have written 111 Tales of a Married Gamer articles here on The Mad Adventurer’s website (this article will be #112), as well as a few dozen entries on a previous site under the same name. It has been around three years since I started writing about gaming and relationships with your friends, family, co-workers, and significant other, and I feel the time has now come to hang up the boots.


Writing a weekly column is no easy matter, and I can tell you that just writing a thousand words that takes a new and fresh approach to a gaming topic can be rather strenuous. Now imagine everyone here on this site that not only write, but record shows, interact with the community, and do a variety of other things to help create content for you the reader. It is a lot of work to do all these things, so I want to say how great a job everyone has done on this site.

In my parting thank you, the first specific person I want to highlight is Brian Casey, many of your know him as Fiddleback, I know him as the guy who has poured his heart and soul into getting this site running, and raising the bar in regards to content. Brian has been the man who has edited every single Tales of a Married Gamer article for the last three years. He has spent countless hours going through my writing to make sure that it at least partially makes sense, and that I do not sound like a total idiot. Yes, he has one of the toughest jobs known to man. I have done the math, and Brian has edited over a 100,000 words worth of my writing. That is enough to make any sane man lose his mind, so I want to say thank you for Brian for all the work he has put into make these articles shine.

My next thank you goes out to my wife who continuously beats me in Settlers of Catan. She has been a big help and inspiration in getting many of these articles written, and has spent many hours discussing various topics with me that she thinks would be of interest to readers. I also have to give her credit for meeting many of the people who now comprise a large portion of our gaming group. So thanks to my wife for the inspiration, and keeping gaming alive and well in our house.

I also want to thank my dog Kafka for providing clip art, and even participating in an interview.

Finally, I say thank you to all of you the readers who have served as a wonderful audience, including the many of you who have helped to fund the site through the Patreon. Without your continued readership and support, I would just have been some crazy guy typing to himself (and Brian) over the weekend, and that would be pretty sad state of affairs.

Alas, it is now time for me to wrap this all up. I want to tell all of you to remember how important relationships and good communication are in gaming, and that you should strive to continue to build your own groups and communities. All of us who participate in gaming are ambassadors for the hobby, so it is important that not only do we represent the hobby well, but that we make sure that the first contact people have with gaming is a fun and positive one.

So thank you to everyone for reading. Do not worry, this is not the end of my writing on the site. Instead, I will be spending more time developing my Novel Ideas articles. So you can still read my crazy ideas once a week. And who knows, maybe once in a while I’ll crack my knuckles and get a good idea for a special Tales of a Married Gamer. So goodbye for now, but I will see you all again relatively soon.

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