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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 90: “Wizards and Sorcerers”

Whether hunched over stacks of arcane tomes, or feeling the stirrings of unknown power from within their blood, the wizard and sorcerer are two of the most well known classes within D&D. Sharing many of the same spells in their repertoire, but handling them in very different ways, how they stand apart is often a […]

Meet the Party: D&D 5E Modern Magic

A cop who draws divine power from the beating heart of his city. A hacker who has been given arcane strength by a ghost in the machine. A scholar who focuses his studies on the blending of the technological and the arcane. An assassin in the shadows who makes his pay one gunshot at a time. Each Meet […]

Meet the Party: 5th Edition D&D Elemental Evil

The Elder Elemental Eye sees all . . . and longs to drown it in chaos! Elementals run rampant and the world itself seem to be tearing apart at the seams. It’s going to take some very special adventurers, and maybe even some heroes, to save the day this time. A ranger who takes to […]

Meet the Party: Eberron D&D 5th Edition

Step into Eberron with this Dungeon & Dragons 5e ready-made party.

Meet the Party: 5th Edition D&D

An unlikely adventuring party of 3rd level for your D&D 5e games.