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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 86: “Clerics”

Tied to divine powers, clerics are conduits of the Heavens, tasked with the mandate to enact the will of their deities upon the Mortal realms. This role comes with great and often misunderstood implications, even by followers of those very same deities, who may not grasp what it means to actually directly be the tool […]

Gaming in the Wild: “It’s Astounding…”

For the next three weeks, I will not be running games at our community gaming group. All of my bases are covered that way, so I am not worried. However, what shall I write about? How do I make my experiences over the next few articles relevant to the mission statement of this illustrious organisation […]

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 67: “Making Martial Characters More Interesting”

As characters grow in power and ability within D&D, there remains a simple truism, that the characters with magical prowess will have vastly more diverse arrays of said abilities at their disposal. As a result, sometimes when playing a martial character it can start to feel much more mundane in comparison. In this episode, Adam […]

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 55: “Adventure Paths!”

Pre-Written Adventures can be very divisive. With 5e, WOTC has put together a new initiative of published adventurers as a way to add content to their line of books, and as such, it’s finally time for Stories to tackle these. With Nicole of Hirf for Hire guest hosting in place of Jared this week they’ll […]

Gaming in the Wild: The Birth of a Character

Last week I ranted with constructive purpose about players ruining GMs lives just by creating characters. This week I would like to further reinforce my love of working with your GM and vice versa by offering advice to players about how I create PCs given certain circumstances, such as weekly gaming communities and marathon fundraising […]

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 51: “Far Traveler”

Having come from lands unfamiliar to most, those bearing the far traveler background represent an alien, unknown atmosphere, a sense of things bizarre and uncertain. With traditions, manners of speech and history that all seem to not quite match up to anything that the rest of the party might understand, a Far Traveler can bring […]

potelbat Ep. 123 “Pacing, Back and Forth”

What is pacing? Why is it important? How does it work? A listener sent in a question about two opposing opinions of his games pacing and he wants answers. So we gave him some. Also, a big announcement.

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 49: “Cities with Character”

Be it New York, Los Angeles, Gotham or Mega City 1, when a story takes place within an infamous city, that city is just as important a character in the story as the villains, heroes and background NPCs. Adding depth and atmosphere that carry a culture all their own, cities bind people to them. Urban […]

potelbat Ep. 122 “Down the Tracks”

Brian went cruising on Steam and found a game that gave him pause. Just how can a railroad simulation game be open world? And what does it have to say about how you can run and structure your tabletop RPG? Fire up the engine and find out.

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 47: “Gods and Deities”

Divine entities are a source of much of the mystery and power that moves within the worlds of D&D. Whether it be the myriad pantheons of Toril’s Forgotten Realms or something created for a unique campaign setting, the Gods define a great deal of the character of the setting they inhabit. In this episode, Adam […]