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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 85: “Listener Emails!”

After having languished unanswered in our digital mail slot for weeks on end, at last, the messages sent to us by our beloved audience would finally come forward. Rather than be given simple answers of text, the hosts of the show bring forth the questions for all to benefit from the discussion on such matters […]

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 83: “Player Archetypes”

Whenever we sit down at the table to begin telling tales of action and adventure, each of the players is drawn there for a different reason. Whether it is to take on a role and wear a mask for the evening, or to fully enjoy the fantasy of clashing swords and the glory of ultimate […]

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 63: “Dragonborn”

Fierce, proud, undeniably scaly, the Dragonborn race represents the most unusual of all the uncommon races presented in the  5th edition core system. Even Tieflings share at least the core ancestry of their common parentage, while the Dragonborn are something else entirely. Sharing more in common with dragons and lizards than with Humans or Elves, […]

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 62: “Tonal Shifts and Dissonance”

With subtle or not so subtle shifts of tone, your entire campaign can swing from a high note of victory into the depths of despair, and handling these sort of shifts and adjustments is a not so exact science. Depending on the way your story and scene is progressing, there can be any number of […]

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 60: “Balancing Rules and Custom Additions”

When building a world, drafting characters, or considering the options of what to make a setting unique, sometimes we as GMs and players want to push beyond the boundaries of what the system offers in the core books. When crafting new material, either inspired by the existing lore or from fresh ideas, it can be […]

Angry Rants: Risk

You know what I hear a lot? Well, there’s a lot of things I hear a lot. I hear “you’re a killer GM.” I hear “you are so full of s%&$.” I hear “why can’t you swear properly; what are you twelve?!” I hear “stop killing our characters; do you get some sick jollies from […]

potelbat Ep. 121 “The Best Way to Learn”

What is the best way to learn to play D&D — or any RPG, really? Now, you might already have a hundred different answers for that question yourself, and that’s cool, but Sammy and Brian can just about guarantee that whatever answer you’ve got is, 90% of the time, entirely wrong. And there is certainly one […]

Angry Rants: Challenge the Characters, Not the Players

Look, I’m going to admit this topic is a matter of opinion. I mean, all of my topics are matters of opinion. But, generally, they are pretty much correct opinions. Because I’m always right. But I’m going to admit this one is kind of arguable. Now, ‘arguable’ is a word a lot of people use […]

potelbat Ep. 116 “The Rules”

“How important are the actual rules to the game you are playing?” And, with that question, we are off and running on 30 minutes of discussion about how sharply the rules should be applied to your game. Does it even matter what the rules say?

Angry Rants: You Don’t Need a System

If you pay careful attention to absolutely everything I do, you might know that I don’t ONLY write about whatever current issue is sticking in my craw in a given week. Sometimes, I write about the things that are sticking in OTHER people’s craws. That is, I solicit questions from members of the community and […]