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The Independents: Mistborn Adventure Game

The immortal Lord Ruler reigns over a land of ash, where it is a daily struggle simply to keep crops growing. Nobles play games of intrigue and lead lives of luxury while an entire peasant/slave caste known as the skaa toil away with no rewards other than enough food to survive and maybe fewer beatings. […]

The Independents: MASHED

It’s 1950, and you find yourself assigned to the 8099th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, posted to the embattled South Korea. North Korea has invaded their southern neighbor, and the United States and the United Nations have begun a ‘police action’ that will one day be known as the Korean War. Casualties pour in, and whether […]

Review: Character Options 2 for Numenera

Numenera Character Options 2 is a 96-page book detailing new Descriptors, Types, Foci, and Organizations for use in Numenera games. When creating characters in any system, more choices are rarely a bad thing. Some of the new options in this book are directly related to the books that were funded by the Into the Ninth […]

A Glimpse into the Vault: Gloom

Many stories (and games) define the winner by who has the best . . . well, everything, really. Who won the most glory and money, who found True Love, who lived to see a Happily Ever After. And that’s all well and good. But it can get a little boring after a while, can’t it? […]

Reports From the Front: The Storm of Sigmar

This past Tuesday was a bit nuts in all the best ways. Normally my RPG group meets at 7pm Tuesday nights at my place for whatever game we’re currently playing. This Tuesday we started a Dresden Files RPG being run by a GM who’s pretty new to running games. We also have a game of […]

Reports From the Front: Yes, But Does It Come In Silver?

Multiple times this week as I’ve begun working through unboxing and assembling my Age of Sigmar starter set I’ve been reminded of a comic from one of my favorite series, XKCD:

Reports From the Front: Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, and An Old Dog

In the year 2014 the End Times began. Long dead gods re-emerged and the Champion of Ruination began his march upon the forces of order. When the dust settled, the world as we knew it was gone, torn to pieces in a vortex of magical energy unlike anything ever seen. And with that, Games Workshop […]

Reports From the Front: Marshall the Troops!

I remember that everything smelled of pretzels. The Auntie Anne’s booth in the hall outside was likely to blame for that, but my mind wasn’t occupied with fried dough that day. Instead, I found myself on the ash-choked slopes of Mount Doom, staring through heat haze and gloom at mobs of unruly Orcs racing toward […]

The Independents: Fear Fetchers

The security guard walked backwards down the hallway, chest heaving with panicked breath and flashlight darting from shadow to shadow. There was something in here. Whatever it was, it had definitely been following him. Flickering lights, unsettling skittering noises, warm breath on the back of his neck. He had to find it before it found […]

A Glimpse Into the Vault Redux: Drinking Quest Journey into Draught

Drinking Quest, the ‘original drinking RPG’ that emphasizes fun, wacky antics, ease-of-play, and sharing a few drinks with your friends (and your characters), was recently the subject of A Glimpse Into the Vault. In it I talked about the original version of Drinking Quest, as well as its two follow-up games and the Trilogy Edition […]