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potelbat Ep. 87 “Eber-wrong”

D&D 5e and Eberron, surely a match made in heaven. Well, we talk about it. Totally accidentally.

potelbat Ep. 86 “Awfully Pleased With Ourselves”

With our special guest, Nick, we take a look at The Mad Adventurers Society’s goals and plans, past and future.

Review – Dreaming Spires

Nick finally gets a chance to play Dreaming Spires with a full crew and lets us in on how it went.

potelbat Ep. 56 “D&D 5e Basic – Part V”

The final episode in our look at the new D&D Basic covers games mechanics concerning combat, spell casting, and all the other non-character niceties.

Support your FLGS: Miniature Market

You know them from their web presence, but can an internet retailer be an FLGS as well?

Support Your FLGS: Knoxville, TN

Find yourself in Knoxville? Level Up Games and Hobbies and Green’s Tavern might be the place for you.

Is it Fun: BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia

Welcome to Columbia, city in the sky. Once a grand design, a floating paradise among the clouds, Columbia is now a city under siege. Two factions vie for control, one representing the common people who live there and one representing the ruling elite. They fight over territory, a constantly flowing battle for control of the once great city.

Elder Scrolls Online – What Means a Chicken?

Is The Edler Scrolls Online any good? It all comes down to a Chicken.

potelbat Ep. 27 “The Desolation of potelbat”

We’ve seen The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and boy do we have an opinion. Quite a few opinions in fact. So many that the entire episode is about the film and what we thought of it. And this is in spite of Sammy’s internet being all hosed up and not working correctly.  That is […]

Kickstarter Review: Dreaming Spires

The game Dreaming Spires takes its name from the nickname for Oxford which was derived from a poem by Matthew Arnold.  For most around the world, the name Oxford evokes ideas of intelligence, sophistication, and inquiry.  Dreaming Spires attempts to bring the players into the wonderful world and history of Oxford by giving them the […]