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The Independents: MASHED

It’s 1950, and you find yourself assigned to the 8099th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, posted to the embattled South Korea. North Korea has invaded their southern neighbor, and the United States and the United Nations have begun a ‘police action’ that will one day be known as the Korean War. Casualties pour in, and whether […]

A Glimpse Into the Vault Redux: Drinking Quest Journey into Draught

Drinking Quest, the ‘original drinking RPG’ that emphasizes fun, wacky antics, ease-of-play, and sharing a few drinks with your friends (and your characters), was recently the subject of A Glimpse Into the Vault. In it I talked about the original version of Drinking Quest, as well as its two follow-up games and the Trilogy Edition […]

potelbat Ep. 111 “Showcase: Delve”

This episode of potebat is a little different. We do a lot of neat stuff at The Mad Adventurers Society. Other podcasts for instance. In this episode we showcase Delve with one of our favorite episodes of their show, part one of their interview with Trove: The Crystal Caverns designer, David Somerville. We hope you […]

RpgGamerDad – Microscope RPG

This week: Microscope Explorer – an expansion to the Microscope RPG and a very exciting project up on Kickstarter right now. You should check it out because it’s a great game with a lot of child-friendly gaming potential!

Tales of a Married Gamer – It is NOT a Job

Games are supposed to be a fun and enjoyable time away from work. However, I have been observing recently that there has been way too many people who are treating games as if they are a job. This seems to be happening from a variety of perspectives, and it is something which is really beginning […]

RpgGamerDad – Playtesting ‘No Thank You, Evil!’

Last weekend the RpgGamerFamily had the pleasure of sitting down to play the first playtest adventure of the new family-friendly RPG from Monte Cook Games. I wrote an article about our character-creation session a couple of weeks ago but, with the Kickstarter campaign due to finish shortly, I thought I could get away with another. […]

RpgGamerDad – Yes Please ‘No Thank You, Evil!’

This week’s topic? The new family-friendly RPG from Monte Cook Games crowdfunding on Kickstarter right now. This is the process we followed over the past couple of weeks…

Keith Baker, Phoenix: Dawn Command, and the New Frontier of RPG Design

What is it about card-based RPGs that has them popping up all over the place now? We asked Keith Baker, designer of Phoenix: Dawn Command…

Finding the Fun: Neon Sanctum

A card-based RPG? Cyberpunk? A Cyberpunk, card-based, RPG? How is that even fun?

Marketing is not hard to do…

Market research is always valuable, doubly so if you are attempting to crowd fund something.