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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 84: “Archetype Follow-Up / GM Archetypes”

How do you know if a player is bored or engaged? How do you do everything as a GM? These questions are some of the many things thrown our way last week that we simply weren’t able to tackle in just one episode. Following up on the discussion of player archetypes from last week, our hosts […]

Gaming in the Wild: The Perfect Weekend…For Crime

Last year around this time I got to have a fun weekend away with some old friends and new ones (Gaming in the Wild: You Never Forget your First, and Making New Memories with Old Friends). Guess what, we are doing it again! Except this time my community partner Mike will be playing and I […]

potelbat Ep. 127 “The Long Goodbye”

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the end. The final episode of potelbat has arrived. And it’s in video. A little over 3 hours worth. Pay no attention to Sammy at the end. But do pay attention to all the questions we answered and the answers we answered them with. It’s been a long, fun run […]

potlebat Ep. 126 “Penultimate”

This is very nearly the last show and we’ve got some things to say. About D&D 5e and the Adventure modules and their releases to date and the DM’s Guild and things on offer there and on finding that middle ground between full on campaign and something a bit shorter for people who are still […]

potelbat Ep. 125 “Who Now?”

What about those ‘single main character focused’ RPGs (a term I just toally made up)? You know the one’s we’re talking about. They tend to be based on a franchise with a single strong main character and a more or less rotating cast of lesser individuals styled as sidekicks or even companions. I mean, what […]

potelbat Ep. 123 “Pacing, Back and Forth”

What is pacing? Why is it important? How does it work? A listener sent in a question about two opposing opinions of his games pacing and he wants answers. So we gave him some. Also, a big announcement.

Gaming in the Wild: Prepare to be Unprepared

It has occurred to me that people who game at home may have a skewed perspective on what can be accomplished and how during what is only a three hour session. Here are some time-saving tips that I’m sure anyone who has to take their gaming set up anywhere other than off the shelf will […]

potelbat Ep. 122 “Down the Tracks”

Brian went cruising on Steam and found a game that gave him pause. Just how can a railroad simulation game be open world? And what does it have to say about how you can run and structure your tabletop RPG? Fire up the engine and find out.

Angry Rants: Risk

You know what I hear a lot? Well, there’s a lot of things I hear a lot. I hear “you’re a killer GM.” I hear “you are so full of s%&$.” I hear “why can’t you swear properly; what are you twelve?!” I hear “stop killing our characters; do you get some sick jollies from […]

Angry Rants: Semantical Nonsense (And Depth vs. Complexity)

STOP THE MOTHERF$&%ING PRESSES I’ve always wanted to say that. But it turns out that if you walk into a local newspaper office and just scream “stop the mother$&%ing presses,” they ask you to leave. And sometimes call the police. And they issue restraining orders. Because the Bridgeport Daily Tribune can f$&% off. [Dear Legal […]