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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 83: “Player Archetypes”

Whenever we sit down at the table to begin telling tales of action and adventure, each of the players is drawn there for a different reason. Whether it is to take on a role and wear a mask for the evening, or to fully enjoy the fantasy of clashing swords and the glory of ultimate […]

Gaming in the Wild: Class is in Session

I’m always amazed at the inter-dependency of all things. How the many different facets of our lives can impact and inform the others. How we are not just the sum of our parts, but an ongoing evolution of them, a constantly shifting picture. Sometimes, if we are carefully aware, we can make great use of […]

Gaming in the Wild: The Beginning of Something

In my previous article, I hinted at a new undertaking that the Bracebridge Tabletop Gaming Community will be working towards. I feel that there is a time and a place for every organised group of enthusiasts of any kind to start asking themselves how they can give back to the world they live in. For […]

Gaming in the Wild: Where it began, and where will it go?

After one hundred posts for this amazing website, I’ve had a lot of great experiences in the world of gaming, and how I relate to the wider world beyond. In my thirty nine years, what has changed since I started writing these words?

Gaming in the Wild: Second Hand Lions

I’ve made mention here and there about that magical group of individuals that I spent so many of my formative years gaming with. Well this week, I’m going to mention them again…

Gaming in the Wild: “It’s Astounding…”

For the next three weeks, I will not be running games at our community gaming group. All of my bases are covered that way, so I am not worried. However, what shall I write about? How do I make my experiences over the next few articles relevant to the mission statement of this illustrious organisation […]

Gaming in the Wild: Helping Hands Or, Up or Down?

Last week , I used my article to congratulate one of our contributors on the arrival of his first child. I also took the opportunity to muse on one of the ways that having a family has influenced the way I game. There are many other ways that a fundamental shift in your perception of […]

Gaming in the Wild: The Perfect Weekend…For Crime

Last year around this time I got to have a fun weekend away with some old friends and new ones (Gaming in the Wild: You Never Forget your First, and Making New Memories with Old Friends). Guess what, we are doing it again! Except this time my community partner Mike will be playing and I […]

Gaming in the Wild: With Open Arms

Some interesting things have been happening over the last couple of years regarding our little passion of gaming. Extensions of our subculture often include a love of video games, literature and visual media that all contribute to the realms of science fiction, fantasy and the amazing pool of thematic inspiration drawing from real life events […]

Gaming in the Wild: Celebration Day

Last week I profiled three amazing ways that we as gamers can use our passion for rolling funny shaped dice and meeples to give back to the world around us. This week I want to talk about two more ways that gamers come together to celebrate our culture and hobby en masse…