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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep: Final! “Paladins”

Bright armor gleaming like the sun, and swinging holy swords to smite down the foes of all that is good and just, the Paladin is one of the greatest tropes in fantasy literature, and D&D lore. It is also one of the most maligned and oft abused classes, with more than a few parties dreading […]

Gaming in the Wild: Class is in Session

I’m always amazed at the inter-dependency of all things. How the many different facets of our lives can impact and inform the others. How we are not just the sum of our parts, but an ongoing evolution of them, a constantly shifting picture. Sometimes, if we are carefully aware, we can make great use of […]

Gaming in the Wild: The Beginning of Something

In my previous article, I hinted at a new undertaking that the Bracebridge Tabletop Gaming Community will be working towards. I feel that there is a time and a place for every organised group of enthusiasts of any kind to start asking themselves how they can give back to the world they live in. For […]

Gaming in the Wild: What’s in the Box?

This past weekend I had the exciting pleasure of hosting my first in-store game demo. It was four hours of nervous energy, trial and error and adaptation. The following covers my approach and results and my opinions on what purpose a hosted demo serves to the brick and mortar community…

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 53: “Engaging Encounters, Pt. 4: I HATE COMBAT!”

Not every campaign is a blood soaked tale of conquest and murder, littered with bodies and awash with endless ruin. Many conflicts can be resolved through other means, or through never coming to conflict in the first place. Addressing a very different direction of encounter consideration, Adam and Jared look at running low or no […]

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 48: “Tieflings and Aasimar”

Born with blessings from above or the curses from below, the plane touched Aasimar and Tieflings are examples of outsiders, walking amongst mere mortals, isolated from their fellows by something not even their parents could have chosen. These races represent direct influence from the higher and lower planes, and, in an unusually heated episode, Adam […]

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 44: “Engaging Encounters, Pt 2: Glass Cannons and ZombieGate”

A rogue, a warlock, a wizard and a ranger. No Cleric, No Fighter, no problem, right? Who needs party balance when you have firepower! Scenarios like the one above form the basis for this week’s discussion, as Adam and Jared review the concept of party balance, especially when you have extremes of balance leaning towards […]

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 41: “Skills”

Whether negotiating with a surly tradesman, or climbing a rain-slick cliff in pursuit of a wily goblin, an adventurer’s skills are what allow them to navigate the world of D&D with confidence and (hopefully) the ability to survive. Combining their innate talents with the practiced proficiencies of their backgrounds and classes, skills allow for resolution […]

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 40: “Sage”

Many mysteries are hidden within the myriad worlds that the fantasies of D&D contain, and for every mystery, there is someone seeking an answer to unlock the secrets behind it! Poring over endless tomes, decoding ancient ciphers and dead languages, and tinkering with needlessly deadly magic artifacts, these delvers of lore and research are known […]

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 35: “Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide Impressions”

Of all of D&D’s many created world’s and established settings, the most famous is Forgotten Realms, set in Faerun. Long running arcs and narratives with many novels and incredibly deep lore have helped to create an incredibly popular campaign setting, that with the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide has finally been given its first 5th edition […]