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Gaming in the Wild: Expansions and Editions, Fun at a Profit

The world we have created for ourselves is rife with complexity and confusion. After millennia of civilised society we have a plethora of systems and states, hierarchies and red tape, and almost everywhere you go in the world, there is a monetary value placed on almost everything, even things that are labelled as “free…”

Angry Rants: And Then…

Recently, as you may know if your one of the masochists willing to follow me on Twitter (@TheAngryGM), I saw a very popular, much anticipated blockbuster movie. That everyone seemed to love. And, I think my cousin, who is the only human being whose opinions I trust besides my own, put it best. “I was […]

Angry Rants: Sunk Cost

I will never understand why a certain class of elitist game master seems to take endless smug pride in drawing inspiration from books and movies while holding video games in disdainful contempt. Okay, fine, inspiration is inspiration. But I don’t understand why you would brag about trying to hamfastedly smash various NONINTERACTIVE narrative media styles […]

Angry Rants: D&D is Too Easy!

If there’s one thing that game masters are good at — especially online — it’s pissing and moaning. Holy mother of f$&% are they GREAT at whining and complaining. And before you say anything, let me clarify that what I do is ranting. That’s why this column is called Angry Rants and not Angry’s Petty […]

potelbat Ep. 111 “Showcase: Delve”

This episode of potebat is a little different. We do a lot of neat stuff at The Mad Adventurers Society. Other podcasts for instance. In this episode we showcase Delve with one of our favorite episodes of their show, part one of their interview with Trove: The Crystal Caverns designer, David Somerville. We hope you […]

Angry Rants: Design Critique

Okay people, we need to have an adult discussion. I need you to put on your big boy pants or your big girl panties or whatever combination of gender and underthing you prefer and listen up. Because we have a problem. And the problem is that, lately, I want to slap most of you until […]

potelbat Ep. 106 “We Gotta Get Outta This Place…”

When you get a question like this: “I have a new campaign starting up in a few weeks and I am hoping you guys could give me some advice in making the BBEG be a city.” You have to call in the big guns. And today, the big gun is The Angry GM. So let’s […]

potelbat Ep. 103 “Challenge Accepted”

“At what point does putting characters in situations outside of their comfort zone just become giving them problems they aren’t equipped to handle,” asks AgentShades and darn it, we’re glad he did. Because the answers we come up with may surprise you and the solutions we suggest certainly will. Challenge accepted indeed.

Angry Rants: Kick Them Out!

Once upon a time, I took a girlfriend who was visiting New York for the first time to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. She liked theme parks and it was the closest to where I lived on Long Island. Generally, anytime I left Long Island, I would take a southern route across Staten […]

Angry Rants: Stupid Decisions (and Metagaming)

Today’s topic needs a little bit of an introduction so I’m going to skip the long-a$& rambling where I coyly dance around not mentioning the thesis of my rant for two or three paragraphs.