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Gaming in the Wild: Fundraising, EXPOSED!

A couple of weeks ago I dropped some news that the Bracebridge Tabletop Gaming Community was up to something. Here is an update of the something and the nature of it’s up…

Gaming in the Wild: What’s in the Box?

This past weekend I had the exciting pleasure of hosting my first in-store game demo. It was four hours of nervous energy, trial and error and adaptation. The following covers my approach and results and my opinions on what purpose a hosted demo serves to the brick and mortar community…

Gaming in the Wild: With Open Arms

Some interesting things have been happening over the last couple of years regarding our little passion of gaming. Extensions of our subculture often include a love of video games, literature and visual media that all contribute to the realms of science fiction, fantasy and the amazing pool of thematic inspiration drawing from real life events […]

Gaming in the Wild: X-Win!

I’m going to take a quick break from my PC creation series to discuss an amazing first time experience I had this weekend, and the power of local gaming communities and brick and mortar stores working together to build new friendships. It doesn’t hurt that I did very well for myself…

Gaming in the Wild: Dynamic Tension

Some people have been gaming with the same group for months, years, even decades. Things fall into a certain routine, and settle as they do. Humans love the warm blanket of the familiar. What happens when something changes?

Angry Rants: Wizard of the Coast and D&D Encounters

I may be the most brilliant GM of all time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally f$&% up. For example, last week, I wrote a brilliant article about GMs overusing dice and how they were training players to play MY game wrong and how they should all be beaten or killed or something. That […]

Gaming in the Wild: The Comfort Zone

We’ve talked about priorities, and I have done a bit of venting about the kinds of goals I want to achieve in the coming year in a few different areas of my life. This week, I’m going to lay it on thick.

The Little Gaming Store That Couldn’t – Part I

The first sign that something was not quite right was when I walked in the door, and was hit by a horrible musty smell. I had entered this strange store to try to purchase the, at the time, newly released Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures game. My mission was to enter the store, […]

Angry Rants: Creating GMs

Just a quick note. Don’t panic, but this week’s column is a little different. It’s in response to a question several people (including a couple of game store owners) asked me on Twitter: how do we (as a community) create new GMs. And that’s a really great question. The thing is, though, the more I […]

potelbat Ep. 87a “Seems Short”

One question. From a listener. Answered.