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Gaming in the Wild: Expansions and Editions, Fun at a Profit

The world we have created for ourselves is rife with complexity and confusion. After millennia of civilised society we have a plethora of systems and states, hierarchies and red tape, and almost everywhere you go in the world, there is a monetary value placed on almost everything, even things that are labelled as “free…”

Gaming in the Wild: World Championship of Space Boats!

I’m often amazed at our little world. Thousands of people are out there enjoying our hobby and helping fund its momentum forward to new innovations and growth throughout the years. Through the varied ways that we express our geekdoms, we are constantly finding ways to expand our coverage and bring new people into the fold. […]

Gaming in the Wild: The Perfect Weekend…For Crime

Last year around this time I got to have a fun weekend away with some old friends and new ones (Gaming in the Wild: You Never Forget your First, and Making New Memories with Old Friends). Guess what, we are doing it again! Except this time my community partner Mike will be playing and I […]

Gaming in the Wild: What’s in the Box?

This past weekend I had the exciting pleasure of hosting my first in-store game demo. It was four hours of nervous energy, trial and error and adaptation. The following covers my approach and results and my opinions on what purpose a hosted demo serves to the brick and mortar community…

Gaming in the Wild: X-Win!

I’m going to take a quick break from my PC creation series to discuss an amazing first time experience I had this weekend, and the power of local gaming communities and brick and mortar stores working together to build new friendships. It doesn’t hurt that I did very well for myself…

potelbat Ep. 119 “Answers I”

Right. They missed a lot of episodes in December so Sammy and Brian are going to make it up to you in this episode right here. We tackle questions from Adam and David and Alex and Ben and Eric. All of whom sent in questions to the Ask potelbat thread in our forums. Nearly an […]

potelbat Ep. 117 “Showcase: Tales from the Hydian Way”

This episode of potebat is a little different. We do a lot of neat stuff at The Mad Adventurers Society. Other podcasts for instance. Ben, Joshua, and David produce the Tales from the Hydian Way podcast. The show helps you bring your Star Wars RPG stories to life by finding ways to use the rules […]

Gaming in the Wild: While the Shadows Lengthen, We Ponder

Welcome to the end!! That’s right, this will be final article for the year 2015. Next week will mark the first week of the New Year, and I am pretty excited about what’s to come for me, and for the Bracebridge Tabletop Gaming Community.

Gaming in the Wild: Allow me to Demonstrate

Two things led to this week’s article, as I attempt to complicate my life further because who doesn’t want to work in the thriving industry of face to face tabletop gaming and make millions?

potelbat Ep. 93 “Damn the Canon!”

Story canon. There’s always that one guy who knows more about what ‘really’ happened in your fictional universe than you do. Or at least he claims he does. And then the whole game bogs down and thing go bad. What do you do about that guy? What do you do about canon? What do you […]