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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 73: “Welcome to the Planes”

Fewer aspects of D&D can create mystique or wonder quite like the idea of the multiverse, the spanning expanse of the planes. From the elemental planes and their encircling chaos, to the Outer planes and the Astral sea, with the Hells and Heavens. All this with the material worlds at the center, mirrored by the […]

potelbat YALP Ep. 52 “Quackers and Croakers”

Long ago, in the mists of time past the lived a simple podcast. One that brought joy and good gaming to the ears of many… While you’re looking for that show, why not enjoy this surprise Special Edition of your old friend YALP?

potlebat Ep. 126 “Penultimate”

This is very nearly the last show and we’ve got some things to say. About D&D 5e and the Adventure modules and their releases to date and the DM’s Guild and things on offer there and on finding that middle ground between full on campaign and something a bit shorter for people who are still […]

potelbat Ep. 125 “Who Now?”

What about those ‘single main character focused’ RPGs (a term I just toally made up)? You know the one’s we’re talking about. They tend to be based on a franchise with a single strong main character and a more or less rotating cast of lesser individuals styled as sidekicks or even companions. I mean, what […]

potelbat Ep. 123 “Pacing, Back and Forth”

What is pacing? Why is it important? How does it work? A listener sent in a question about two opposing opinions of his games pacing and he wants answers. So we gave him some. Also, a big announcement.

potelbat Ep. 122 “Down the Tracks”

Brian went cruising on Steam and found a game that gave him pause. Just how can a railroad simulation game be open world? And what does it have to say about how you can run and structure your tabletop RPG? Fire up the engine and find out.

Angry Rants: And Then…

Recently, as you may know if your one of the masochists willing to follow me on Twitter (@TheAngryGM), I saw a very popular, much anticipated blockbuster movie. That everyone seemed to love. And, I think my cousin, who is the only human being whose opinions I trust besides my own, put it best. “I was […]

Angry Rants: Your Adventure isn’t a Christmas Adventure

Well, it’s January the second (which just goes to show I don’t write this crap as far in advance as you think I do, huh?). Christmas is over. Chanukah is over. The New Year is here. And now it’s time to start the new year by getting back to the workaday grind and catching up […]

Angry Rants: You Don’t Need a System

If you pay careful attention to absolutely everything I do, you might know that I don’t ONLY write about whatever current issue is sticking in my craw in a given week. Sometimes, I write about the things that are sticking in OTHER people’s craws. That is, I solicit questions from members of the community and […]

potelbat 114 “Everybody Lies”

It’s one of the tools in your GM toolbox, but it has to be used sparingly. Lying to your players. Why would you do such a horrible thing? And how big a lie is too big? Should you even do it? Of course you should.