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Dungeon of the Mind

The mind is the most powerful thing we mortals possess. With it we have altered the course of history, invented marvels of sciences, and created entire worlds. In a world of magic and multiple planes of existence it would be no surprise that dungeons could exist in the very minds of its inhabitants.

Gaming in the Wild: A Clear Canvas

A funny thing happened when I cast off the shackles of the somewhat underwhelming experience we had going through Dungeons and Dragons’ “Princes of the Apocalypse” adventure module. As the internet does with its click-bait, “The Dungeon Master gave the players control, and you won’t believe what happened next…”

Traps, Triggers, and Puzzles 1

Dungeons should be filled with danger and contains the remnants of those who built it. Dungeons are built for many different reasons: to house ancient treasures, imprison powerful creatures, hide secrets, etc. In order to protect these treasures and creatures the builders create traps and puzzles to keep out unwanted visitors.

D&D 5e — Heirloom of Darkness

Since it is near the end of the month known as Halloween I decided to write a module in the spirit of all things spooky. This module in particular has some inspiration from the more Lovecraftian side of horror. I will note that I ran this module through two different groups and tried some variations […]

Tomb Hidden in the Sands

Many of our fantasy worlds draw inspiration from the real world. Ancient Egypt has captivated the minds of the layman, scholar, and dungeon masters alike. Ancient tombs are one of the most exciting things discovered because much of the civilization they are a part of is hidden beneath the sands. They reveal information about civilizations […]

Ruins – Not So Dead Places

As the final riddle that Gollum gives Bilbo implies, time devours all things. Between natural disasters and war, cities and villages find their untimely demise. These dead places are the envy of archaeologists and scholars. If Indiana Jones taught us anything about archaeology, it is that it’s full of adventure.

Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 73: “Welcome to the Planes”

Fewer aspects of D&D can create mystique or wonder quite like the idea of the multiverse, the spanning expanse of the planes. From the elemental planes and their encircling chaos, to the Outer planes and the Astral sea, with the Hells and Heavens. All this with the material worlds at the center, mirrored by the […]

Gaming in the Wild: Fire and Folly! And Fun

If you are followers of my little corner of the society, you will know that I have been preparing for a marathon guy’s gaming weekend of middle aged and epic proportions. In my last two articles, I have given some insight into how I, and in turn you, may prepare yourselves for such a trial […]

Gaming in the Wild: Prepare Yourself!

In my last article, I started to divulge the secrets of planning a marathon one shot. So today I will reveal my approach to making it work, or at least a short list of things you can do to minimize catastrophe. Often caused by a nefarious group insurgents known to cause chaos and disrupt a […]

Meet the Party: 13th Age #2

A bard who got in trouble with the law of the Dwarf King, and now has to track down his own patron Icon! A city-born ranger who’s doing her best to serve the wild, even if not everyone in the wild welcomes her. A crusading paladin trying to do the right thing and slay the […]