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potelbat Ep. 33 “It Takes a Village”

We assign some labourers to mine for ideas from the new PC game, Banished.

Just released this week, Banished is the tale of a group of people who have been Banished from… somewhere for… some reason.

banishedIt’s not important. What is important is looking at the city-building sim and finding good ideas we can incorporate into our home table top RPGs. We manage to find one or two ideas that we think you should take a serious look at if you’d like to hook your players with a side quest of monumental proportions. So monumental that it may turn from side quest to main campaign depending on how well you, the GM, can pull it off.

So get out your steel tools, put on your warm coats, and journey with us as we build a village of adventure for you and your players.

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