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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 87: “Urban Bounty Hunter/Mercenary Veteran”

Whether braving battlefields and clashing swords or skulking through the underbelly of the sprawling streets of a city in pursuit of the most dangerous game, there’s one primary factor that links the Bounty Hunter and the Mercenary: Coin.

In this week’s episode, Leslie and Jared analyze these backgrounds and how using them effectively can add more to your characters than you might consider at first blush.


Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 86: “Clerics”

Tied to divine powers, clerics are conduits of the Heavens, tasked with the mandate to enact the will of their deities upon the Mortal realms. This role comes with great and often misunderstood implications, even by followers of those very same deities, who may not grasp what it means to actually directly be the tool of their plans and intentions.

Of course, for D&D it really comes down to arguing who is going to play the healer. In this episode, our hosts discuss how to really take advantage of the Cleric as a class, and bring out greater depth from what it has to offer.


Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 85: “Listener Emails!”

After having languished unanswered in our digital mail slot for weeks on end, at last, the messages sent to us by our beloved audience would finally come forward.

Rather than be given simple answers of text, the hosts of the show bring forth the questions for all to benefit from the discussion on such matters as fully walking in the shoes of a character, and the details of setting up an online game.


Gaming in the Wild: World Championship of Space Boats!

I’m often amazed at our little world. Thousands of people are out there enjoying our hobby and helping fund its momentum forward to new innovations and growth throughout the years. Through the varied ways that we express our geekdoms, we are constantly finding ways to expand our coverage and bring new people into the fold. Like this past weekend…


Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 84: “Archetype Follow-Up / GM Archetypes”

How do you know if a player is bored or engaged? How do you do everything as a GM? These questions are some of the many things thrown our way last week that we simply weren’t able to tackle in just one episode.

Following up on the discussion of player archetypes from last week, our hosts take a deeper dive into questions gathered from the audience as well as considerations from a GM perspective, including considerations of GM satisfaction with a game and archetypes for GMs themselves.


Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 83: “Player Archetypes”

Whenever we sit down at the table to begin telling tales of action and adventure, each of the players is drawn there for a different reason. Whether it is to take on a role and wear a mask for the evening, or to fully enjoy the fantasy of clashing swords and the glory of ultimate victory, every person at the table is motivated by something for their presence there.

In this episode, our hosts discuss some of the most common core archetypes, how they can impact the game, playing to their strengths and making use of them, and ways to avoid having them become roadblocks for fun and cooperative storytelling.


Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 82: “Fighters”

Masters of martial combat, in the many forms that it can take, the Fighter represents a bit of a unique premise amidst the classes of D&D. While most of the other classes offer specific styles or ideas to build around, the fighter is a largely blank slate.

In this episode, our hosts discuss the Fighter and ways to approach it so it feels more effective within stories, and how to root the class more firmly in the stories being told.


Gaming in the Wild: Fundraising, EXPOSED!

A couple of weeks ago I dropped some news that the Bracebridge Tabletop Gaming Community was up to something. Here is an update of the something and the nature of it’s up…


Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 81: “Inheritor”

Inheritance is a complicated concept. It can carry many layers of context and subtext depending on who is giving and who is receiving, and what is being given in the first place. With the inheritor background, this act of receiving shapes your character’s life,  and will direct them going forward.

In this episode, Leslie and Jared consider what it means to be an Inheritor within D&D, and what kind of circumstances this could reflect for a character or the world around them.


Gaming in the Wild: Class is in Session

I’m always amazed at the inter-dependency of all things. How the many different facets of our lives can impact and inform the others. How we are not just the sum of our parts, but an ongoing evolution of them, a constantly shifting picture. Sometimes, if we are carefully aware, we can make great use of those quietly whispering pieces…