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One Adventure Ends, Another Begins

Well, this is it. After roughly two years and 75 articles (such a satisfying number) my time at the Mad Adventurers Society is coming to an end, as the Society itself closes its doors. I’ve puzzled over what I’d like my final words on the matter to be, and in the end they might ramble a bit, but here they are.

Rob did a better job than I could, I think, of encapsulating what it feels like to see the Society becoming an archive instead of an active site. When he wrote of his office down the hall, with its old steel typewriter, I imagined my own. Piles of paper, very few of them stapled together, and piles of books, out of which a few pages would get slapped together before I went sprinting down the hall to get them to the door marked Editor in time. But I also picture the Society as the old standard of an RPGĀ tavern, full of adventurers of every class, and it has come time for the party to toast its members and go its separate ways.

Thanks first to our tavern keeper. Fiddleback has done nothing but encourage the lot of us and helped us to improve our craft, providing no end of advice both for our games and our writing. He, Sammy, and Nick got this thing started and kept it going, and gave the rest of us a place to stay.

Thanks to my fellow contributors, the writers and the podcasters, without whom I can honestly say life would be lesser. You have been an amazing band of friends and a phenomenal support group. I’ve often thought that creating online is like standing on the peak of a mountain and shouting up into the void, hoping that someone up there hears you. It has been immensely easier to do with a bunch of people on the same peak, and besides that there are entire swathes of this hobby and community that I might never have found without you.

And perhaps the greatest thanks of all to the readers. Every hit showed that the stories I wanted to help tell were spreading, and every like, share, and comment was proof that someone cared about them, that someone listened when I shouted. I don’t really have the words to properly express the level of gratitude that I’ve felt, so I’ll simply say again: thank you.

The Boss has encouraged all of us to keep creating, and I’ve decided to follow through on that and keep the momentum I’ve established here at the Society going. Cannibal Halfling Gaming is already up-and-running and will be the new home for the Adventure Log, The Independents, and Meet the Party. I’ve already been very fortunate to be joined by my good friend Aaron Marks, who has started writing Level One Wonk to explore a variety of systems and mechanics that go beyond a land of dungeons and/or dragons. On top of that, I’ve also got a few more irons in the fire; an idea or two for some new columns, and some strong (I think) plans for joining the ranks of tabletop gaming podcasts. This is a good opportunity, as I see it, to not just keep going but to try new things and grow. The Society was great for me in that way, and I’d like to keep to that pattern.

Aside from CHG, I’m also going to be continuing to work with Fiddleback and Bradford on the Transit RPG. The work on the Alpha continues, now that we’ve given our AI and their ships a few runs around the frontier, and found that the Powered by the Apocalypse system does what we want for the game. Check out #TransitRPG on Twitter for now to keep up to date as we continue to develop and playtest our game about Artificial Intelligences commanding starships and struggling with their organic crews on the bleeding edge of known space!

As before you can still find me on Twitter @RGM79Ace, and the official account for Cannibal Halfling Gaming is @HungryHalfling. CHG also has a Patreon of very modest goals, and a new email account at [email protected] I’d love to hear from you, and every bit of support from a Patreon pledge to a like is greatly appreciated.

Well, I’ve got all my things, and I know (more or less) where I’m headed. That’s basically all an adventurer needs to start a new adventure, isn’t it? So, here are my final parting words, to all the contributors and friends and readers:

Just because the Mad Adventurers Society won’t be in a single place any more doesn’t mean the society is broken. We’ll always be Adventurers, and we’ll certainly always be Mad, and so long as we’re putting adventures on tables we’ll still be a Society. Wherever the roads and the dungeon maps may take you, I wish you all the best. And I’ll see you out there. I can’t wait to hear the stories you’ll have to tell, and I can’t wait to tell you mine.


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