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Every End is a New Beginning

All things come to an end. Monsters meet their end to adventurers, adventurers meet their end to monsters or other adventurers, items are destroyed, and societies will disband.

I stumbled upon the Mad Adventurers Society after being directed to the Stories of the Fifth Age podcast. What I found was a group of incredibly intelligent individuals who wanted to share their knowledge and experience in tabletop gaming. I felt a sense of home with them being called the “Mad” Adventurers.

However we must move on to greener pastures. Even though an adventure may end, elements from that adventure can spawn new ones taking the readers and the adventurers to new places.

Several of the Mad Adventurers have or will be taking their works to new places where they will continue to share with the world their words of wisdom. Since I have enjoyed writing articles on adventures I feel it only right to continue my works.

I had debated writing this article as those of you who know my work probably realize I am technical and to the point. However the need to finish my work here was far greater.

Before I joined the Mad Adventurers Society, I started a YouTube channel where I played games with my friends. Since then it has evolved and continues to evolve into something so much more. I hope it continues to grow.

Starting in February of 2017 I will begin posting my adventure articles once again over at I will be spending the time up until then to finish construction of the site and to get settled back into writing. You can also find me on twitter for my random ramblings and utter nonsense.

From the few sources of praise I have heard regarding my work, those are enough to have inspired me to continue writing. One of my friends has even cursed me because of the inspiration I gave their DM. All I could do was smile.

With every character death there is sadness. New characters will take their place, souls of dead inspire new adventurers, and when worse comes to worse you can always pay a cleric. Thank you everyone.

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