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Category Archives: War Games

Games whose principal game play is the recreation or simulation of a battle or war at a variety of different scales, generally with a map instead of a board. Some exceptions apply, both ways.

Gaming in the Wild: Once More into the Breach

There are many reasons I can think of why it is important to support local business, including your FLGS, or Friendly Local Gaming Store. Did you know that your relationship with your children is one of them?

Reports From the Front: Why Are Wargames Getting Simpler?

With a few notable exceptions, I’ve noticed recently that anytime I see a piece of news about a new wargame or a new edition or even just a new expansion rules set for a game, it’s always accompanied by lots of buzzwords like “streamlined” and “accessible.” It seems to be a massive selling point that […]

Reports From the Front: Hostile Takeover

One of the most common things I hear when the topic of wargaming comes up among other gamers is that “Oh, I’d definitely love to play that, but it’s so expensive!” It’s true that the vast majority of wargames are quite expensive to commit to in terms of both time and money. Playing Warhammer 40k […]

Reports From the Front: How Very Meta

Gingerly, Felurian crept along the rickety rope bridge. The stealthy elf alighted upon the far end of the chasm. “I’m across!” he called back to his compatriots waiting on the other side. “But there’s a big stone door in the way!” he added, spying the slab of granite impeding further progress.  From back in the […]

Reports From the Front: Why Fluff Matters So Much

Before I discovered wargames, there was a dark chapter in my life when I was really, really into Risk. It got bad. There were days when youthful, innocent me decided to hone my Risk strategies by playing against myself. In the basement. Like a stereotype. Once I discovered The Lord of The Rings game by Games […]

Reports From the Front: Heresy Lurks

Today I’d like to tell you a story. In this story I discover a secret, a hidden thing not advertised to the general public (at least not very well). Today, I’m going to tell you the story of how I found an entire wargame hidden inside of another one.

Reports From the Front: Red Five, Standing By

Invisibility is overrated. At least that’s what I told myself after the third turn in a row I forgot to uncloak my TIE Phantom starfighter, meaning I couldn’t take advantage of his position behind Wedge Antilles to vaporize the rebel hero. My pilot presumably just kept shadowing him, wondering why he never got the kill […]

Reports From the Front: The Storm of Sigmar

This past Tuesday was a bit nuts in all the best ways. Normally my RPG group meets at 7pm Tuesday nights at my place for whatever game we’re currently playing. This Tuesday we started a Dresden Files RPG being run by a GM who’s pretty new to running games. We also have a game of […]

Reports From the Front: Yes, But Does It Come In Silver?

Multiple times this week as I’ve begun working through unboxing and assembling my Age of Sigmar starter set I’ve been reminded of a comic from one of my favorite series, XKCD:

Reports From the Front: Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, and An Old Dog

In the year 2014 the End Times began. Long dead gods re-emerged and the Champion of Ruination began his march upon the forces of order. When the dust settled, the world as we knew it was gone, torn to pieces in a vortex of magical energy unlike anything ever seen. And with that, Games Workshop […]