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Category Archives: Finding The Fun

Our RPG review series that answers that most basic of questions, is this game any fun?

Finding the Fun: A Special New Year Edition

Welcome to the last Finding the Fun of 2015 folks! Its been a busy year at Casa Draper, between work, embarking on a few personal projects (I’ll keep my incessant whining about the futility of decorating to Twitter), adjusting to some changes at home like my wife starting work full-time as a toymaker, and welcoming […]

Finding the Fun — Rise: Battle Lines

According to Steam, Rise: Battle Lines is all about drafting an army and fighting a battle all in 15 thrilling minutes. So, we sent in David to take a look at it. Is it table top game play brought to steam? Is it as advertised? And, most importantly, is it fun? Let’s see.

Finding the Fun: Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

“Your world remembers magic,” The wizard tells you, reclining in his chair and taking a puff of his pipe. “Once, travel between our worlds was far simpler, but those paths are now mostly forgotten, and your tales of magicians and dragons and gods walking the earth are all that your folk remember of us, the […]

Finding the Fun: Numenera

Grim clenches his fists, fixing his glare upon the false Aeon Priest. He can feel the nano-machines saturating the air above him, providing the link he needs to the ancient monolith of synth and metal soaring high in the sky above the clouds. He can’t see it, but he knows it is there, a part […]

Finding the Fun: Don’t Turn Your Back

All of them knew that friendships in the Mad City could only last as long as they were convenient. This time the Wax King smiled discernibly as he turned away. “And don’t turn your back, my dear Awake ones. Never turn your back.”

Finding the Fun: Monster of the Week

I spent a large part of my teenage years watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Even now, I still find the series a great way to while away an evening, though I don’t watch it with the same reverence and fervour I did in my youth. Like its contemporary Charmed, and occasionally its predecessor, The X-Files, […]

Finding the Fun: Savage Worlds Deluxe

Behind the party lay the wreckage of Doctor Von Marck’s behemoth of a machine, the Burrower. After bringing them through miles of the earth’s crust, deep beneath the earth, the fight with the giant earthworm and the fall into this jungle-like cavern had been too much. Shouldering their packs, they prepared to look for materials […]

Finding the Fun: Dread

It was just like any other party, until the screams started and the body turned up in the study, now the survivors are on the run from a man in a hockey mask and there’s only a slim chance they’ll make it till morning. This week on Finding the Fun we’re checking out Dread, a […]

Finding the Fun: D&D 5e, Part Two

The fighter’s sword is sharp, the mages have their spells prepared, and the rogue has a dagger up their sleeve, ready for the opportune moment to strike. This time on Finding the Fun, we’re talking about Dungeons and Dragons 5e. “But wait”, you say, “didn’t you already review D&D 5e, Jay? What is this rubbish, […]

Finding the Fun: Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Game

Blasters at the ready! The party has been let loose on the lawless streets of Tatooine, ready for adventure and to fight for survival and escape Mos Shuuta using only their wits, their skills and a handy blaster pistol or two. This week on Finding the Fun, we’re looking at the Star Wars: Edge of […]