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Category Archives: A Glimpse Into the Vault

A boardgame review series that covers old titles that often get overlooked in the rush for the hot new thing.

A Glimpse into the Vault: Gloom

Many stories (and games) define the winner by who has the best . . . well, everything, really. Who won the most glory and money, who found True Love, who lived to see a Happily Ever After. And that’s all well and good. But it can get a little boring after a while, can’t it? […]

A Glimpse Into the Vault Redux: Drinking Quest Journey into Draught

Drinking Quest, the ‘original drinking RPG’ that emphasizes fun, wacky antics, ease-of-play, and sharing a few drinks with your friends (and your characters), was recently the subject of A Glimpse Into the Vault. In it I talked about the original version of Drinking Quest, as well as its two follow-up games and the Trilogy Edition […]

A Glimpse Into The Vault: Drinking Quest

Adventuring can be thirsty work, in-character and out-of-character. Many a gaming group shares a few cold drinks around the table as their characters slay goblins, loot treasure, and explore fantastic locales. The poor characters, meanwhile, have to wait until they get back to a tavern, and they can’t exactly share your drinks. Not only is that […]

A Glimpse Into The Vault: Red Dragon Inn

It’s been a long, hard day of adventuring in the wild places and ancient dungeons of the world. Now, like every adventurer, it’s time to return to something resembling civilization so that you can rest. But you’re not going to just fall into bed the moment you arrive. No, you’re an adventurer, and you and […]

A Glimpse Into the Vault: Zombie Dice

For years — which we seem to be in the tail end of — America obsessed over zombies. Even now, AMC’s The Walking Dead enjoys huge success. There’s no shortage of zombie-themed board games providing gamers a chance to live out their own undead apocalypse scenarios. But very few games cast players as the zombies themselves. Into that void […]

A Glimpse Into the Vault: OCTGN

Either you’ll completely understand when I tell you about how @wood-jasond and I were using Google Hangouts and a system of webcams pointed at tables to play the Star Wars Card Game, or you’ll have my wife’s reaction and laugh (lovingly, I’m sure) at the ridiculous looking nature of pointing a camera at a table […]

A Glimpse Into the Vault: Doomtown Reloaded

The town of Gomorra, California has problems. On top of all of the hardships common to life in frontier America, Gomorrans now have to worry about getting caught in the crossfire between powerful factions trying to carve a piece of the town out for themselves. Whether it’s the outlaws of the Sloane Gang shooting it […]

A Glimpse Into the Vault – XCOM: The Board Game

I’ll be up front with this, I love XCOM. XCOM is the bomb, the best, the king of the sci-fi strategy video game to me. So when I heard that FFG was making a board game adaptation of the franchise I’ll admit I was pumped. It took me a while to actually sit down and […]

A Glimpse Into the Vault: Superfight

Fight! Fight! Superfight!

A Glimpse Into the Vault: X-Wing Miniatures

You don’t know about X-wing Miniatures? Well, now you do.