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Category Archives: The Online GM

GMing online presents special challenges and this column helps you address some of them.

The Online GM: Referee a Fair Fight

How to fight fair and mediate conflict well at the game table.

The Online GM: Fighting Other Players

There are four types of fights that can (and frequently do) emerge at the gaming table.

The Online GM: Bringing It All Back Home

All good things come to an end. Campaigns end. Gaming groups disband. Even online gaming groups come to a close.

The Online GM: Railroad Me Not Into Temptation

Beware, Online GM! Temptation is headed your way! The temptation to railroad your players.

The Online GM: Failure to Communicate

sure, online GM’ing has it’s limitations, but they can be overcome…

The Online GM: Like the Pros

Being an online GM has many benefits, not the least of which is a sort of personal freedom.