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Category Archives: The Mad Cleric

Jason D. Wood discusses the more human side of gaming with a unique blend of the real world and the game world.

The Mad Cleric: Looking to the Future

The sun is setting here in Louisiana.  It’s beautiful… a gentle glow of pink fading into dark orange.  There’s something very hopeful and moving about watching the sun set (and pretending the colors aren’t the result of pollution).  Even though one thing comes to an end, another new thing is right around the corner.  What […]

The Mad Cleric: My First Con

There we were, screaming down the interstate at 6:40am, blaring punk rock on the radio while the rest of the world slept cozy and quiet in their beds.  It was Saturday morning and we were headed to a con. There aren’t too many gaming conventions in the New Orleans area.  In Biloxi, MS, they have […]

The Mad Cleric: Starting a New Gaming Group

Today’s article will be unlike many of my previous ones, wherein I’ve tested and tried my ideas before presenting them.  Instead, today I’m proposing a theory and looking for your feedback.  More specifically, I have a hypothesis on how to develop interest in a new game with the goal of starting a new gaming group.

The Mad Cleric: 6 Reasons to Play the Star Wars Card Game

Last weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of playing in a Regional Tournament for the Star Wars Card Game.  I went in with a first round bye, because I won a Store Tournament in Gautier, MS.  But as the fates would have it, when I showed up in the big city (Houston, TX to be […]

The Mad Cleric: Making the Most of Limited Gaming Time

As you might have gathered from my last four articles and my relative absence from Twitter, my life is very helter-skelter right now.  Helter-skelter in a good way, that is. As you know, my wife gave birth to our daughter three weeks ago. [Big congratulations to the @vladepsyker family on their new arrival as well!] […]

The Mad Cleric: Goes To War

The German commander peered over the ruins of Somewhere, France and spat out a challenge: “I imagine that going to war against a preacher is going to be an easy challenge!” My men looked down the barrels of their M1 rifles, nervous but ready.  And I responded with the gravitas only a veteran commander could: […]

The Mad Cleric: The Angry GM, Preachers, and Rappers discuss GMing Well

Every Sunday morning, I’ve got to stand up in front of 60 people and talk.  For somewhere in the ballpark of 30 minutes, I talk.  If we multiply those 60 people by 30 minutes, that means 1,800 minutes or 30 man-hours are being spent with people listening to me talking.  From my perspective, that’s rather […]

The Mad Cleric: When Should You Buy That Game?

There’s just something about a brand-new game.  The look, the feel, the smell, the rush that comes when you open that box or flip through that book.  It makes me want to speed over to my FLGS right now to buy a copy of Star Wars Imperial Assault!  Or maybe Star Wars Armada!  But wait… […]

The Mad Cleric: Recapturing The Fun

Have you ever found yourself plodding through your favorite game?  You may not be sure when the change happened, but it just doesn’t have the same zing — the same spark that it had before?

The Mad Cleric: 4 Tips to Building Tension in an RPG Session

My mind was in an absolute fog.  Alien chemicals rushed through my veins as my body temperature rose to discomfiting levels bringing rushes of warmth followed by chills.  Four faces gazed upon me,  wide-eyed with looks of reticent anticipation.  And then the creature burst forth.