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Category Archives: Setup for Success

Proper preparation prevents poor performance. No, really.

Setup for Success: The Point of it All

When you plan a campaign, there are two considerations to make before anything else: What’s the point, and who’s the audience?

Setup for Success: A Look at the Murder Hobo Mentality

A character who kills everyone they meet can be a source of frustration for many GMs. Quite often, we hear GMs lamenting the fact that their party has turned into a pack of “murder hobos,” homeless wanderers who slaughter indiscriminately without regard to consequence. I am here today to make two points about this style […]

Setup for Success: The Tribe

Today we will be talking about how the concept of the Tribe can impact your games, and how to use it effectively.

Setup for Success: Dealing With Death

People die. In a life of survival, in a violent world, everyone’s number comes up sooner or later. The question isn’t when we will die, but how; in what manner, in what place, for what cause. Loss can define us. In denying it, in bandaging it, in running from it, in raging against it, or […]

Setup for Success: Tea Time

Societies have unique traditions and behaviors. Bringing these practices into your game can help your cultures feel different and alive. A human tribe who partakes in brutal ritualized hunts is going to feel very different from a wild Elven tribe who reveres nature and holds daily lectures on the sanctity of life where attendance in […]

Setup for Success: Beards Are Important

A fundamental part of being a human being is the time spent doing mundane things. When was the last time your campaign included day to day activities? Today we will be talking about how and why to incorporate less-adventurous scenes in your campaigns.

Setup for Success: Make Your Games, and Villains, Personal

Giving the players a way to create more than just their PCs enhances their investment in your games.

Setup for Success: Bracing Yourself for the Story You Want to Tell

Being excited to tell a particular kind of story in your RPG is great. Make sure you do the prep work, though.

Setup for Success: DM and Campaign – Still a better love story

In the final installment of Setup for Success, we discuss who you are telling your story to.

Setup for Success: Using the Calendar

Red letter days and your game world.