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RpgGamerDad discusses adventuring and gaming with his entire family, but especially with RpgGameBoy, a charming lad aged five.

RpgGamerDad – Signing Off (For Now)

Dear reader, it is with a fair bit of sadness that I write the last of my regular articles for the Mad Adventurers Society. The Society is a great bunch of guys and gals and has been fun and very rewarding to get to know them and to contribute in my small way.

RpgGamerDad – A Year In Gaming Part 4

In part 4 of the increasingly inaptly named 2-part series: ‘A Year in Family Gaming’ we conclude with the latest two roleplaying games we have tried out: Hero Kids and RpgGamerKids.

RpgGamerDad- A Year in Gaming Part 3

This is the third article in my summary of our year in family gaming – marking the fact that RpgGamerDad Podcast is now over one year old.

RpgGamerDad — A Year in Gaming, Part 2

This article continues the summary of our year in family gaming. RpgGamerDad Podcast is just over one year old and I thought it would be nice to go back over that year. I hope not just to summarise what we have tried out but also to review (with the benefit of hindsight) how successful those different games were.

RpgGamerDad — A Year in Gaming, Part 1

RpgGamerDad Podcast recently celebrated its first birthday and 50th episode. So, with the nights drawing in and the feeling of nostalgia which that brings, I decided to go back over the tabletop gaming we have done as a family in that year. It is an opportunity to summarise what we have tried out but also to review what has […]

RpgGamerDad – Micro-Sessions

We’ve been trying out something a bit different this week in the RpgGamerFamily household. Not very different – just a little bit. It’s  basically a continuation of the idea I put forward in my article about HeroKids RPG – that short sessions are probably the right way to go when gaming with young kids. This week we […]

RpgGamerDad – The Future of RPGs

By the time RpgGamerBoy is my age, tabletop RPGs will not be played in the same way they are now. Miniatures and physical scenery will not be used. Instead, animated holographic projections of PCs, NPCs, and monsters will move in Glorious Technicolor through breathtaking 3D map projections the like of which we can barely imagine now. This […]

RpgGamerDad – We Make Our Own Rules!

In a recent interview on RpgGamerDad Podcast, a cadre of Mad Adventurers contributors were entertaining, likeable and mostly non-libellous. It’s a great interview and you should listen to it when you finish this article (which is why the link is at the bottom of this page). They spoke of  many things but one thing particularly […]

RpgGamerDad – Kids Love Pictures!

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to artwork and the important effect it has when gaming with kids. I just read a bedtime story to RpgGamerGirl in which a bear chases a boy through a forest. The artwork is evocative. The bear is scary: it has sharp claws and pointy teeth. The boy leaps […]

RpgGamerDad – What’s Hot In The RpgGamerFamily?

What’s Hot In The RpgGamerFamily Household is a feature that appeared in the early episodes of RpgGamerDad Podcast but fell by the wayside because there is always so much other awesome stuff to cram in. But I thought it would be nice to resurrect it for a Mad Adventurers’ article because I gather some readers and […]