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Category Archives: More Than Set Dressing

A column which takes a look at how to spice up traditional RPG set pieces to keep them fresh and interesting.

More Than Set Dressing: Fear and Your Players

Heroic adventure and a good horror game are two different things.

More Than Set Dressing: Framing the Story

Whether big or small, it is important to match the scale of your story to both the desires of your players and the needs of their PCs.

More than Set Dressing: The Pillars of Your World

Connecting characters to your adventure by their backstories means they can do most of the work for you.

More Than Set Dressing: Handing Over The Reins

Glaring holes in your character’s backstory seem like a really bad idea, but are they?

More Than Set Dressing: Clones vs. Class

Class is not character, but it can help you find a frame of reference for what your character actually is.

More Than Set Dressing: Concerning Halflings (And Elves, And Dwarves…)

Not all dwarves are Scottish. Not all elves aloof.

More Than Set Dressing: My Plot Device is Multitalented

Even the worst rolls can produce the best characters if you think about it right.

More Than Set Dressing: Of Bertrand the Stained and Gwynn the Hastily Named

Our newest column begins with a tale of two character sheets.