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Fiddleback shares the basic building blocks of good stories and good adventures.

I Didn’t Know It Would Be Important

Players, especially those on a published adventure, frequently grab hold of the wrong thing and run with it as if it were imbued with the power to save the world all by itself.

The Latest News

There are two things your player handouts should do to really be effective. They have to capture your players interest and disseminate information to which they might not otherwise have access.

Stock NPCs: Not Just a Pretty Face

Making good and memorable NPCs is no easy task. Thanks to real life demands, it can be hard to spend the time needed to do it right. That’s where we come in.

Making the Most of Your Breaks

Even the best GMs need to step away from the table occasionally and recharge. It is perfectly acceptable to do so and, provided you make some use of the break, it can benefit your game in more ways than just allowing you to maintain your enthusiasm.

Keep Up Right to the End

No one wants to fight through the Forest of Certain Death, the Caverns of Quite Evident Lethality, and the Desert of Definite Destruction only to come out the other side to a hearty pat on the back and an indifferent “Well done.”

One Astonishing Trick to Engage Your Players

By carefully crafting that Opening Scene you can shape and, to a significant extent, control what your players and their PCs are going to think about the adventure at hand.

Three Unbelievable Acts You’ve Got to Have!

A story just sort of happens, doesn’t it? You begin at the beginning and then a bunch of things happen and then the end, you’re all done. Right? Well, sort of. The problem is, it matters how and when all that stuff in the middle happens. There has to be some sort of structure to it.