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Articles about gaming written by The Mad Adventurers Society members covering a broad spectrum of topics related to gaming, life, and having fun at both.

Angry Rants: Nothing to Shout About

The Angry Rant is going on indefinite hiatus.

Angry Rants: Risk

You know what I hear a lot? Well, there’s a lot of things I hear a lot. I hear “you’re a killer GM.” I hear “you are so full of s%&$.” I hear “why can’t you swear properly; what are you twelve?!” I hear “stop killing our characters; do you get some sick jollies from […]

Angry Rants: Semantical Nonsense (And Depth vs. Complexity)

STOP THE MOTHERF$&%ING PRESSES I’ve always wanted to say that. But it turns out that if you walk into a local newspaper office and just scream “stop the mother$&%ing presses,” they ask you to leave. And sometimes call the police. And they issue restraining orders. Because the Bridgeport Daily Tribune can f$&% off. [Dear Legal […]

Angry Rants: And Then…

Recently, as you may know if your one of the masochists willing to follow me on Twitter (@TheAngryGM), I saw a very popular, much anticipated blockbuster movie. That everyone seemed to love. And, I think my cousin, who is the only human being whose opinions I trust besides my own, put it best. “I was […]

Angry Rants: Challenge the Characters, Not the Players

Look, I’m going to admit this topic is a matter of opinion. I mean, all of my topics are matters of opinion. But, generally, they are pretty much correct opinions. Because I’m always right. But I’m going to admit this one is kind of arguable. Now, ‘arguable’ is a word a lot of people use […]

Angry Rants: Your Adventure isn’t a Christmas Adventure

Well, it’s January the second (which just goes to show I don’t write this crap as far in advance as you think I do, huh?). Christmas is over. Chanukah is over. The New Year is here. And now it’s time to start the new year by getting back to the workaday grind and catching up […]

Angry Rants: You Don’t Need a System

If you pay careful attention to absolutely everything I do, you might know that I don’t ONLY write about whatever current issue is sticking in my craw in a given week. Sometimes, I write about the things that are sticking in OTHER people’s craws. That is, I solicit questions from members of the community and […]

Angry Rants: Discovery vs. Definition

You might know that I’ve recently started one new D&D 5E game and restarted another. And that second group is still fairly new. We restarted after only a couple of sessions. So, basically, I’ve got two fresh, brand new campaigns going with two groups of people of varying levels of RPG experience who are mostly […]

Angry Rants: Sunk Cost

I will never understand why a certain class of elitist game master seems to take endless smug pride in drawing inspiration from books and movies while holding video games in disdainful contempt. Okay, fine, inspiration is inspiration. But I don’t understand why you would brag about trying to hamfastedly smash various NONINTERACTIVE narrative media styles […]

Angry Rants: Dilemmas in GMing

LET’S GET READY… TO RAMBLE! It’s been a busy week for me as, basically, the de facto god-emperor of online GMing advice. Over the last few weeks, I’ve done several articles on combat, two of which were controversial, and one of which was just plain awesomesauce. I mean, they were all awesomesauce. But not everyone […]