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Category Archives: Iconography

A sometime feature showcasing found art work and pieces created for the Society.

Neon and Blasters; Coruscant Underworld.

Welcome to the sub-levels of Coruscant.

Encountering the Dream Witch

Inspired by his home game, Jay Simpson brings us Encountering the Dream Witch.

Farewell Philae

What possibilities open before us as we reach the surface of a comet?

Spirit of Java

Ships launch from a planet, but for what purpose?


A guy walks into a bar…


Heist by Alexander Mandradjiev is a powerful image from the streets of the potential near future.


The giant stone, known as “Atlas” towered above everything else in the valley.

Robot Bones

“Sir, Unit 37 is reporting strange activity.” The call came from a new technician at the duty station, so I headed over to see what minor issue was worth getting my attention at this point of the evening.

Cyber city

The wind blew across the cold pavement, or at least what little bit of the wind which made its way down through the mass of buildings.

Far Horizons

This wonderful landscape was created by Mark Molnar whose amazing work has graced a number of company’s projects. This one happens to belong to Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG and the upcoming supplement Far Horizons.