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potelbat YALP is a ‘good bits’ Actual Play podcast featuring members of The Mad Adventurers Society playing a variety of different RPG systems. We edit out all the non-game stuff to bring you the best possible sense of what it’s like to play the game.

potelbat YALP Ep. 52 “Quackers and Croakers”

Long ago, in the mists of time past the lived a simple podcast. One that brought joy and good gaming to the ears of many… While you’re looking for that show, why not enjoy this surprise Special Edition of your old friend YALP?

potelbat YALP Ep. 51 “The Road Goes Eberron and On” Part 4

This is the final episode in Eberron. You won’t believe what’s about to happen.

potelbat YALP Ep. 50 “The Road Goes Eberron and On” Part 3

Fresh off their victory holding the wall against a horde of undead, our heroes attempt to relax for a moment and congratulate themselves on a job well done. But this is Eberron, and things are never that easy.

potelbat YALP Ep. 49 “The Road Goes Eberron and On” Part 2

These tired soldiers haven’t been given a moments rest. No sooner did they arrive in town than strange things begin happening. And when strange undead creatures begin blowing up, you know something has gone wrong…

potelbat YALP Ep. 48 “The Road Goes Eberron and On” Part 1

Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Our setting is Eberron and war has taken a terrible toll. But it isn’t over yet. Not for these soldiers. Not by a long shot.

YALP Ep. 47 “Meet The Strange”, Part V

The cray have invaded and been defeated, for now. All that remains is for our agents to secure a brighter, better future for the local villagers. How hard can that be?

YALP Ep. 46 “Meet The Strange”, Part IV

Who knows what’s going on around here? Ben Moose, the artifact thief? The brother’s Hardy, the agencies front line men? Maybe Dr. Cunningham, practitioner of science has the answers. Or maybe it’s that creepy guy in the corner. Or maybe no one has a clue what’s REALLY going on… Do you?

YALP Ep. 45 “Meet The Strange”, Part 3

The pursuit of the missing artifacts and their thief has lead the group to an old abandoned building. During the struggle, Brent and Ben Moose, the thief, fall through an open portal, closely followed Damien and Ricky. But is all as it seems? Is there a bigger game afoot? And what changes await them on […]

YALP Ep. 44 “Meet the Strange”, Part 2

Important and sacred artifacts have begun disappearing from museums everywhere. Stolen under mysterious circumstances, what secrets do these artifacts hold and how are they being taken? Perhaps our intrepid group of investigators can find out. And explain a man who walks through walls.

YALP Ep. 43 “Meet The Strange,” Part I

Tonight the YALP crew enter the world of Monte Cook’s The Strange. And Strange it indeed is. Who has been stealing valuable museum pieces, and how? Can our investigative team learn anything from a few scant clues? Who can say, first, we have to meet them.