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Category Archives: Skill Monkey

Skill Monkey is a delightfully quick look at applying dice pool results for skill checks in FFG’s Star Wars RPG in fun, creative, and epic ways.

Skill Monkey — Fire!

The Skill Monkey had a fire. Not a nice, friendly, fictional fire, but real one. With actual property destruction. Fortunately everyone is safe and most of Skill Monkey’s actual things are fine as well. But someone decided that Skill Monkey needed a little help. So @brometheus took it upon himself to do this: and […]

Skill Monkey — Fwoom! Fwoom!

What’s this? A new Skill Monkey? About Lightsabers? What the heck is going on around here?

Skill Monkey – An Educated Monkey

The Skill Monkey demonstrates the strength of a good education.

Skill Monkey – Hai Karate!

The Skill Monkey has been watching some of his favorite Martial Arts movies. What crazy idea has it given him now?

Skill Monkey – The Shooterist

Skill Monkey plays at a pretty hefty table and finds the need to make Combat Skills work a little harder. You see, Skill Monkey’s game is combat heavy. ¬†And that means Combat skills are needed. But other things happen as well and spending points in Combat has meant a certain amount of weakness in other […]

Skill Monkey – Die, Master!

Mixed nuts and how to read them.

Skill Monkey – “Iron Chef”

Skill Monkey fields a listener question from Barefoottourguide (Garret Crowe). See, BFTG has ¬†problem. He’s trying to prepare a meal for someone special, but he isn’t sure what the relevant skill should be. Fair enough, the Skill Monkey is more than happy to help him figure it out. And make it interesting. And fun. Welcome […]

Skill Monkey – “Three Sheets to the Wind”

The Skill Monkey must prove his resiliance yet again during a drinking contest. These things happen all the time and, frankly, it is best to be prepared. This requires deliberate practice and some good advice about how to narrate those results. Unfortunately, Skill Monkey seems to have failed the practical. The advice portion though? Not […]

Skill Monkey – A Good Monkey Goes to War

War, they say, never changes. Much as you might like it to. ¬†Fortunately, the Skill Monkey is here to help you use Knowledge (Warfare) in the most effective, entertaining, and fun way possible. Naturally, the Skill Monkey focuses on the narrative aspect of the skill, but he also feels that there is an important effect […]

Skill Monkey – Run Away!

The Skill Monkey continues to help you improve your game. This time, there is much running about as The Skill Monkey tries to avoid being captured by Bounty Hunters for a crime he (probably) didn’t commit (maybe). In the process, you can learn about applying all sorts of different skills, in creative ways, to almost […]