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potelbat (pot-el-bat) is a system neutral general RPG discussion podcast focused on helping you make your games better, both as a player and a GM.

potelbat 99 “Choose Your Own Misadventure” Re-Issued

Once upon a time a brilliant series of books was published that entertained children the world over and introduced them to branching stories and choosing their own adventure.

It’s a pity what Sammy and Brian do to them in this episode.

Fear not, though. It’s all in a good cause and you’ll learn something about using the same methods in your tabletop RPG. So stick around and enjoy this re-issued episode of potelbat. Continue reading potelbat 99 “Choose Your Own Misadventure” Re-Issued

potelbat 98 “D-D-D-Dragons” Re-Issued

The head of the evil organization always has his second in command. The guy who does all the heavy lifting, or the grunt work, or just the fellow most willing to get his hands dirty. Whatever his role, we call him The Dragon.

Enjoy this re-issued classic episode as we work our way toward episode 100.  Coming soon! Along with it’s own 2IC.

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potelbat 97 “GMing 401″ Re-Issued

There some things we forget as “experienced” GMs when it comes to dealing with new players and even new games.

Fortunately, this re-issued episode, as suggested by our listeners, is all about reminding you of those things.  Well, I SAY all about, but there is a fair bit of early news items which now have a ‘from the archives’ feel.

But you can’t have everything.

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potelbat 96 “Leading Causes” Re-Issued

Leadership? You bet!

This is a classic episode re-issued because you, dear listener, said we should. A clear fan favorite that opens with a letter and then spirals into a discussion about finding the leader in your party and at the table.

Relive the thrills and chills!  It’ll do you good.

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potelbat 95 “It Takes a Village” Re-Issued

Re-issued? What does that mean?

Well, it means we asked you folks to tell us your 5 favorite episodes on Twitter.

Which you did.

This is number five. A re-issue of our Banished inspired episode. Because you said that was one of the good ones.

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potelbat Ep. 94 “The In-betweeners”

Let’s talk about all those bits you love to just dismiss in your RPGs as being unfun and boring.

Not, encumbrance, not alignment. All the OTHER stuff.

Like, crafting and resting up and training and all sorts of other things that real adventurers would do, but we don’t because they make the game seem unfun and boring.

Unless we think about a different way to do them.

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potelbat Ep. 93 “Damn the Canon!”

Story canon. There’s always that one guy who knows more about what ‘really’ happened in your fictional universe than you do. Or at least he claims he does. And then the whole game bogs down and thing go bad.

What do you do about that guy? What do you do about canon? What do you do about characters that want to play in an established universe with an established ‘history’? And just who do you ask about all this?

@deuterium-ice and @brometheus, as it turns out. Continue reading potelbat Ep. 93 “Damn the Canon!”

potelbat EP. 92 “A Perfectly Angry RPG”

What do you do if someone keeps mouthing off about how great their own RPG would be compared to everyone else’s?

You invite them on the show to discuss it, of course. And then you get out of the way and let them got to it, because, when that person is @theangrydm, he’s got a lot to say.

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