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Category Archives: Fragments from the Rim

GM Phil brings you flavor and adventure for your FFG Star Wars RPG

Fragments from the Rim – News Flash

Keeping you crew well informed about events in the galaxy is an ideal way to spot new opportunities.

Fragments from the Rim – A Pirates Life for Me

Pirates have been spotted near Ji’am Fil’s station…

Fragments from the Rim: Armed and Dangerous

It’s an open carry galaxy. You better get used to it if you plan to be out and about for any length of time.

Fragments from the Rim – Five Finger Death Watch

Ji’em Fil deals with a ‘celebrity’ aboard his station, but all is not as it first seems.

Fragments form the Rim – Death of a Cyborg

With enough cybernetics, does someone become less a real person and more machine than man?

Fragments from the Rim – BoSS

Ji’em Fil prepares for a B.o.S.S. inspection and walks you through the S.O.P of B.o.S.S. procedures.

Fragments from the Rim – Thalassian Slavers

Ji’em Fil has some nasty customers to deal with on the station.

Fragments From the Rim – In Sickness and in Health

Ji’em Fil is so far under the weather he can’t even see the local sun.

Fragments From the Rim – The Rifleman

Ji’em Fil meets with Churhee’s Riflemen in an effort to fill a Station Security post.

Fragments from the Rim – Cardan Station

When a golden opportunity presents itself, Ji’em Fil can hardly resist becoming a ‘legitimate businessman’.