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Wall of Sound brings you tips and tricks for incorporating audio at your game table. From the folks at BattleBards.

Dear Angry: “Music Has Charms to Soothe the Savage Breast…”

Earlier this week The Angry GM  (on his own website) posted a response to a reader (Double Rainbow) inquiry about how to add atmosphere to the gaming session.  The reader considered music as the solution but the Angry GM was quick to dismiss the use of music and had other suggestions (as per the title of his post) […]

Wall of Sound – Pre-Recorded Voiceover Tips

Last time we showed you how to use Pre-Recorded Voiceover Scripts at Table. We received some questions so thought this would be a great time to give you some more tips and tricks.

Wall of Sound – Using Pre-Recorded Voiceover Scripts

Hey Game Masters The use of voice overs in tabletop gaming, especially professional created voice overs, is still a nascent concept.  In fact, when I bring up the idea of injecting pre-generated voiceover work in gaming, I usually get a puzzled look.  Typically, I’d get a “But I’m not running a module.” or “How can […]

Using Audio in TableTop Gaming – Scene Narration without a Script

Last time we covered Scene Narration by using a pre-written script synchronized to some piece of audio that works well for the scene. Now let’s chat about how to do a Scene Narration where a script is not needed.  Sounds CRAZY right?  One of my favorite ways of incorporating audio in gaming is to actually […]

Wall of Sound – Scene Narration With a Script

Last time we covered Scene Accents. This time it’s all about Scene Narration which is very similar to Scene Accents in how audio is used to heighten the energy at the table.  The major difference is the scope of the scene with narrations involving longer sequences. Typically Scene Narrations involve the introduction of new environments, […]

Wall of Sound – Scene Accents

Hey Game Masters. There’s no shortage of ways to incorporate audio in gaming to add that extra spice, to instill a sense of panic in your players or simply to dial up the energy level needed for a dramatic scene when the gaming session is on its sixth hour.  One of the most powerful ways […]

Wall of Sound: Audio At The Tabletop – Method 2

Game Masters, The last time we covered how to use the Prepped Approach to organize your sessions. This time it’s all about how to use audio in-the-moment and off-the-cuff to enhance the experience in real time. Using this On-The-Fly approach requires a good deal of experience at managing the ebbs and flows of energy at the […]

Wall of Sound: Audio At The Tabletop – Method 1

Try listening to the opening credits of any Star Wars movie without John William’s score and you’ll immediately understand the immersive potential audio can add to the gaming experience.  At its most basic level, there are two general approaches for using any kind of audio in game: (1) Prepped and (2) On the Fly.  In […]