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Category Archives: The Toolkit

Game enriching tables, rules and story tweaks, and other assorted things intended to help you fill out your game.

The Toolkit: An Interlude

Hey gang, I’m taking a month’s hiatus to catch up on some rest, complete some long-overdue projects around the house (the work never ceases, believe me), and recharge my batteries. When I get back, I’ll be continuing to tackle the Three Pillars of Adventure, as well as perhaps bringing a few other projects out of […]

The Toolkit: Three Pillars of Adventure, Part Two

A word of warning before I begin, the material contained within is pretty much an open experiment at this point, subject to change, destruction, and definitely impending tidying-up. I don’t expect everyone to like everything in here, but if you can comment and tell me why you don’t like something, that’d be great! Right, onto […]

The Toolkit: Three Pillars of Adventure, Part One

Back when D&D 5e was still D&D Next, a lot of bones were made in Mike Mearls’ development journals regarding the three pillars of play [For the life of me, I can’t find the original article, seems as though it disappeared in the shuffle when they faffed around with the site] that created the core […]

The Toolkit: Backgrounds, Part Seven – Thoughts

“You realise, of course, that your judgement is compromised.” Sanni states, kicking at the gravel in frustration, arms folded. “You’re trying to save this child because you couldn’t save yourself.” “I failed as a warden,” Khash admits, grunting with exertion as he focusses his will into a disc of pure magical force, lifting the infant […]

The Toolkit: Backgrounds, Part Six – Motivation

“Well, Carcer’s dead, I guess you’ll be leaving, Khash?” Orryn kicks the fallen bandit captain once more, just to be sure, before plucking his crossbow bolts from the corpse’s back. “Carcer was a symptom of the sickness in these lands, not the festering corruption that lies at the heart of it. My responsibility to this […]

The Toolkit: Backgrounds, Part Five – Antagonists

The Redwood Company struggle to their feet, ears ringing and mouths full of dust and blood, the remnants of their charred wagon scattered across the road. “You made a mistake coming back here, Orryn!” calls a voice from further up the road, echoing amongst the trees. “Now I’ll take my pound of flesh, and then […]

The Toolkit: Backgrounds, Part Four – Origins

“What kind of hellhole is this?” Khash asks, cursing as another thorny branch snags on his cloak. Behind him, the rest of the party achieve mixed success as they attempt to navigate the bog, looking thoroughly miserable as they attempt to tread through the thick black mud. “Theosdan, what possible reason could you have to […]

The Toolkit: Backgrounds, Part Three – Resources

Khash looks over the summoning circle, scattering a handful of ashes around the edge, and then takes a knee, muttering an incantation under his breath. “Daerys, ancient Lady of strife and scorn, hear my invocation. I have need of your aid.” With a small effort of will, he mentally closes the circle, feeling a blast […]

The Toolkit: Backgrounds, Part Two – Connections

“Since you’re determined to get us all killed to get to him,” Sanni remarks, jabbing an accusing finger toward the dragonborn. “You might as well tell us, who is Leighmann Carcer? Why is catching him so important?” Khash wrings the bandit’s red scarf between his scaly fingers, gathering his thoughts for a moment. “A few […]

The Toolkit: Backgrounds, Part One

The Redwood Company followed the mob out into the street, watching helplessly as the townsfolk of Redwood bundled Vai onto the gallows and wrapped the noose around his neck. As Agrippa muttered a cantrip and gathered power into his hands, ready to loose it against the rope around his apprentice’s neck, he hears a voice. […]