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Ideas pulled from Literature to help your game.

Novel Ideas – The Andromeda Strain

When I was a kid I really enjoyed reading Michael Crichton novels, especially with the release of Jurassic Park, which I remembered reading cover to cover when I was about twelve years old. At the time, I thought that Crichton was a new up and coming novelist who was taking the world by storm. Then […]

Novel Ideas – Runaway

At times in our lives, we all think about trying to escape the point we are at, and running away to something new. Maybe the new life we are looking for is some grand adventure that will help us get away from a rather plain life like Frodo lives in The Lord of the Rings. […]

Novel Ideas – The Fist of God

Fredrick Forsyth made his name with the novel The Day of The Jackal, which was adapted three different times into movies, including a U.S. version of the plot where Bruce Willis is an assassin trying to kill the First Lady. Forsyth is known for writing books that take inspiration from real life, and most often […]

Novel Ideas – A Matter of Honour

Jeffrey Archer is one of England’s more famous novelists of the 20th century, partly for his stories which have sold hundreds of millions of copies worldwide, as well as for successfully running to be a Member of Parliament only to be sent to prison for perjury. While Archer himself may be a controversial political figure, […]

Novel Ideas – Surviving the Crash

Two days ago I was on a plane that was on final landing approach to a small airport in the middle of the country. As we descended to a few thousand feet the plane went from slowing down to a nice controlled glide, to the engines going full power and the plane climbing back into […]

Novel Ideas – Death in the Andes

Mario Vargas Llosa is one of the great modern novelists, spinning tales often exploring the harsh realities of the world which we live in. Hailing from Peru, Vargas often focuses on the issues and turmoil within his own country: corruption amongst government officials and the elite, the social and physical distances between the rich and […]

Novel Ideas: Epilogue

Last week I wrote about how much I loved the novel The Devil in the White City. While I certainly enjoyed the novel, perhaps the one major letdown I had with the novel was the epilogue. After hundreds of pages of wonderfully paced and well-researched stories, themes, character development, and plot, I was faced with […]

Novel Ideas – Home

The concept of home is a strong one within literature. Whether it be trying to find your way home, building a new base, or even trying to understand the philosophical idea of what exactly constitutes a home, it is certainly a popular topic within literature. In fact, it is possible to entirely construct a story […]

Novel Ideas – The Devil in the White City

History often provides us with some of our most interesting stories, and recently on a recommendation from another professor, I read the novel The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. This book is a novelized version of historical events which happened in the city of Chicago in the late 19th Century.

Novel Ideas – Faithful Adaptation

If you spend enough time reading about stories, you eventually hear things like “there are only ten types of stories in the world” and that “there is nothing new left to create”. I find this notion somewhat depressing, but another interpretation I recently came across is that all stories are related to the memories that […]