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Full parties of ready to run level 1 PCs for your group. Complete with backgrounds and suggested relationships.

Gaming in the Wild: Pretty (Frustrated) in Pink

I want to thank everyone who took the time to let me know how much you enjoy my writings, and your further encouragement for me to keep producing content once the Mad Adventurers close their doors in the new year. It means a lot to me to know that you are out there…

Meet the Party: Mistborn Adventure Game

A rebel survivor, blessed with the power of metals and at one with the mists, trying to make sure his rebellion doesn’t die alone. A bastard Thug-for-hire who should’ve never been born, determined to make her name live on. A noble fallen from grace, climbing through the shadows to get back what he’s lost and […]

Meet the Party: D&D5e Back to Basics

For the old hands it’s sometimes difficult to remember what it was like when we first got started. You had whatever starter weapons you’d managed to hang on to or find in your previous life, a couple of gold pieces, a few spells at your fingertips if you were magically inclined, and the clothes on your […]

Meet the Party: Apocalypse World 2E

The owner of a post-apocalyptic truck stop with a shotgun under the counter and debts to pay. A valkyrie of the wasteland, beautiful in the deadliest way with ice water in her veins. A traveler who lives and who’ll die behind the wheel of his ride, but not any time soon if he can help […]

Meet the Party: Exalted 3rd Edition

A wandering master of the blade, blah blah Each Meet the Party article gives you an entire group of ready-to-play adventurers (maybe even some heroes) for your gaming needs for a variety of systems and settings. Meet the Party has touched upon Exalted before, but those powerful ‘heroes’ were for the game’s Second Edition, a way of […]

Meet the Party: D&D Faithful Casters

An acolyte of a deity of knowledge who has made a pact with their god, roaming the world in such of lore to add to the divine archives. A solitary believer in the power and nature of magic, growing closer to his deity with every spell he learns and masters, receiving even more spells in […]

Meet the Party: 13th Age #2

A bard who got in trouble with the law of the Dwarf King, and now has to track down his own patron Icon! A city-born ranger who’s doing her best to serve the wild, even if not everyone in the wild welcomes her. A crusading paladin trying to do the right thing and slay the […]

Meet the Party: Force and Destiny: Knights of Weik

A Paladin of the Adamite Tower, wielding a sword made of sunfire and a pure heart. A Cendiary Priest, a mendicant craftsman traveling the world, fixing whatever he can along the way. A Skyholme Astromancer, a practitioner of great magic with dark forces hunting after her knowledge. A Captain of the seas of Weik, who […]

Meet the Party: Ace Adventure and the Flying Royal Flush!

A time traveler with no sense of hearing, and no sense of fear! A genius engineer who finally has a chance to try out the fun (read: dangerous) designs! A smalltime boxer from the Big Apple turned heavy hitter and watchful protector! A ‘retired’ spy who refuses to stay out of the game, or the […]

Meet the Party: Dragon-Blooded Exalted 2E

A monk of the Immaculate Order and a student of Air Dragon Style who sees the Anathema as the true threat. A scheming sorceress who will do anything she can to gain power and put her House’s leader on the throne. A warrior and commander, graduate of the House of Bells, who sees the Realm […]