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Alternate Trinket Tables for D&D

We liked the idea of the Trinkets in the new D&D so much, that we thought we’d make some of our own. If you feel like a little something different, go ahead and roll a d100 on this table and see what you get.

Alternate Trinket Tables    
d100 Trinket d100 Trinket d100 Trinket d100 Trinket
1 A small, otherwise worthless stone, that briefly glows bright white every third day. 26 A hempen anklet that cannot be untied once attached. 51 A small cube made of fish bones with a glass marble in the center. 76 Two copper coins stuck face to face which can not be separated by any known means.
2 A hand mirror that reflects an unknown eye at all times. 27 A wooden model of a horse which has another, smaller wooden horse inside it. 52 A large, yellow, wooden exclamation point on a spring. 77 A flat stone with white chalk marks that change each time it is observed.
3 The skeleton of a small bird with hands where its wings should be. 28 A necklace made of the eyes of numerous different creatures, no two of which are alike. 53 The last page of an unknown diary containing only the words “close the door” written in what appears to be blood. 78 A jeweler’s hammer with a head on both ends.
4 A quill pen which, no matter what color ink is used, writes in green. 29 A tarot-sized card whose face shows the last meal eaten by it’s holder. 54 A very small paper box which contains a tiny twig that disappears in a puff of smoke when taken out of the box, only to reappear in the box 24 hours later. 79 A toy wooden top that cannot be made to spin, but always remains balanced, upside down.
5 Four dried corn kernels sealed in an amber sphere. 30 A flask of blue liquid which smells faintly of urine. 55 A leather pouch full of rainbow colored sand. 80 A locket containing a picture of an ogre and a manticore.
6 Folded parchment containing an intricate diagram of a complex machine of unknown origin and purpose. 31 A copper spoon that tastes of raw meat. 56 A pamphlet describing the usage of ear wax as a medical remedy for excessive flatulence. 81 Two sticks which, when thrown in the air, always land pointing to each other.
7 A puzzle which, when solved, spells out “derf”. 32 A selection of feathers stuck into a ball of tar. 57 A single drop of lamp oil sealed in a glass bead. 82 A snail shell containing a viscous green liquid.
8 A flag for a country which no longer exists. 33 A horse shoe which makes a slight humming sound at all times. 58 A monkeys tail. 83 A game board and pieces for a game no one knows how to play.
9 A religious text describing the proper observance of a holiday no one has heard of. 34 A perfectly smooth stone which, when pressed, turns blue for 5 minutes. 59 A blank mask that allows the wearer to look exactly like himself when worn. 84 An earring that appears to be made of bird excrement.
10 An intricately carved wooden rose. 35 Two kitten whiskers pressed and sealed between two glass plates. 60 A cloth bandana showing the map symbol for a hidden door. 85 A wooden code cylinder that shows only the number 7 on all dials.
11 A sealed tube of clear liquid with a tiny bobber floating in the middle of it. 36 A square of soft leather that tarnishes any metal object wrapped in it. 61 A torn piece of cloth once used to wipe down a famous heroes sword. 86 Two links of iron chain.
12 A two-foot tube of rolled paper. 37 An oak leaf on a cord that can be worn as an eye patch. 62 A stick of petrified child’s candy. 87 Three short strands of lead wire braided together.
13 A wooden bowl made of rosewood. 38 Six small, badly carved, goblin figures. 63 3-year old trail rations. 88 A rusted fork that gently warms any food picked up with it.
14 A nose flute. 39 A doll with hair made of rare moss. 64 A music box that appears to be in working order but makes no noise. 89 Miniature playing cards each of which has two backs and no faces.
15 A scarf of extraordinary length and multiple colors. 40 A fist sized metallic pyramid, deeply etched in incomprehensible runes. 65 The left shoulder piece from a set of dwarven plate mail, deeply scarred. 90 A Dear John/Jane letter.
16 A leather pouch labeled ‘interesting rocks’. 41 A complex, but delicately made, marble maze puzzle. 66 A stuffed Tarrasque doll. 91 An artistic painting of two hamsters locked in mortal combat.
17 A lead model of a dragon. 42 Twenty-two very small silver tokens, each with a happy face painted on them. 67 A parchment flip book showing a knight galloping on a horse. 92 A pickled turnip in a jar.
18 A key ring full of locks with no keys. 43 A scroll titled: The Rules and Regulations for Properly Attacking, Subduing, and Dispatching a Dragon of Any Solid Color by Lord Pepping IV (deceased). 68 A small metallic rod that glows faintly and makes a whizzing noise when held aloft. 93 An IOU confirming that a certain farmer in a distant land owes you three suckling pigs.
19 A wide-gauge blow gun and a hand-full of small bags filled with whitewash. 44 A single, all blue, piece for a jigsaw puzzle. 69 Four empty egg shell halves. 94 An orcish phrasebook containing only the phrases for food, enemy, and fight.
20 A finely crafted beard snood. 45 A frog statuette from which the legs have been broken off. 70 Two rocks, one hollowed out as a mortar and the other shaped like a pestle. 95 Two bars of musical notes, which, when played, sound awful.
21 A child’s drawing of a house on a hill, with a smiling sun in the sky. 46 A collection of pressed butterflies. 71 A shopping list: Milk, Bread, Eggs, Cheese, Beef, Goblin Dander. 96 A wax seal matrix bearing the insignia of The Ebon Claw, a long dead thief.
22 A partially burned branch from a fir tree. 47 Three cloth arm bands. One labeled “Happy”, one labeled “Sad”, and one labeled “Orange”. 72 A clay dove mounted inside a wooden cage. 97 Captain Igleby’s long johns.
23 A medal for fighting in the Goblin Wars over a hundred years ago. 48 A glass elf ear. 73 A finely preserved sheeps bladder. 98 A bottle for a rare vintage of dwarven wine, now empty.
24 A three-sided coin. 49 A half-brick of cheese in a sock. 74 A flask which has had its inside surface blackened by soot. 99 A tiny bellows mechanism.
25 A lace garter in black and red. 50 A fashionable domino mask. 75 Two feet of catgut with knots tied every four inches. 100 A kilt worn by someone only ever referred to as ‘The Greatest Adventurer Who Ever Lived.’
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