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A Great Big Fish

Hello folks.

First, let me thank you, one and all, for your collective efforts over the last three years. Each of you has helped to make MAS not only a resource for new and aspiring GMs and players, but also a platform for people who are passionate enough about gaming to want to write and talk about it with others.

As readers, listeners, and supporters you’ve provided inspiration, enthusiasm, and validation for people who, at the start of the adventure known as The Mad Adventurers Society, were not convinced they had what it took to share their love of gaming with the world. But you showed them. You kept reading, and, as a result, they kept writing.

Several of them discovered they had more to say than they thought. Some rekindled a love of gaming that had lay dormant for years. Others polished skills that had grown rusty. Still others lent their voices to help entertain and inform you on that long drive or quiet afternoon. All of them learned, from those of you who supported us on Patreon, that their creative efforts had worth. They could be paid to write and speak about things they loved.

For all those reasons and more, we thank you.

Second, the bad news. All adventures must eventually come to an end. After careful consideration and in light of the announcement made by TheBrometheus (Adam) and SeraphAbdiel (Jared) regarding the end of Stories of the Fifth Age, I have decided that, as of January 1st, MAS will cease active operation. We will stop updating the web site with new content and it will enter into what will essentially be an archive mode. No new content will be published after that date.

This archive mode will last for as long as it makes sense to maintain the server and pay the fees. Currently, that will get us to November of 2018. At the moment, there is no guarantee beyond that.

I’ve encouraged all the writers and podcasters to gather their published work and create a home for it on websites of their own and offered my help in getting those set up. Several have already indicated they will be doing so and it is my hope that you will follow your favorites to their new homes once they are announced. Those announcements will likely happen here and on their social media. What you have been able to enjoy here, you should be able to continue to enjoy directly from their creators.

Other, larger projects which are being worked on, including the Transit RPG and Cairnteller Chronicle will continue. It is, in fact, in deference to those that part of this decision has been made. I wish to give them the focus they deserve, because they are both new directions for me and the people involved in them, as well as worthy of greater attention to make them as awesome as they can be.

Once more, I want to especially thank our Patreon patrons. Your financial support has been the key to doing as much as we have been able to do up to this point. We have all benefitted from your kind contributions and can never thank you enough for believing in us. With this announcement, I will be closing the Patreon and no further charges will be made.

A few other points to mention:

GM Word of the Week will be continuing. The Angry GM and I have already discussed it and neither one of us wants it to end. It will, soon enough, be moved to its own web site and continue apace from there. Further announcements will be made prior to that launch date so that you can continue to enjoy it as you always have. I’ve already done some preliminary work on its new home and I think you will be pleasantly surprised when the time comes. We do expect to have it on its own Patreon, so keep an eye out for that, too.

The Mad Adventurers Society specific social media feeds will be closed as well. Mostly that’s the Twitter Feed and a Facebook page. I expect those will get rolled into my personal Twitter and FB with plenty of warning to change up.

Again, thank you VERY much to all of you who have written, read, listened, and interacted with us these last three years. We, and I in particular, have been moved by your willingness to read what we write, hear what we say, and just generally be as cool a group of participants as anyone could hope to have. You have been, and continue to be, the cream of the internet tabletop gaming scene. We hope to see you all in our future endeavors.

You’re welcome at my table any time.


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