Tales of a Married Gamer – Sinking Ship

I think one of the things that makes me the angriest, is poorly run game stores. I know that getting a loan or pooling your money together to start your own business is not an easy thing. I can respect people who are trying to put a new business together. What I cannot stand, is that I see people deciding that they need to have a game store because they like to play games and they think they should make money while doing it. I mean, I love food, and I love to cook, but I am not stupid enough to think that I could put my love of food and cooking together and that this passion only would make a great business plan.

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Shopping Rules for Those Not Going to GenCon

Are you that one person in your local gaming group who is not going to GenCon? If you are like me, you are perpetually stuck in the role of being the person who gets to watch all his gaming friends disappear for a whole week in August, only to have all these friends return with new and awesome exclusives. If you are lucky, they might let you play with some of the new games that get released at GenCon, but it is far more likely they have used all of their precious luggage and car space to haul back as much stuff as they can for themselves. I am not saying people who go to GenCon are greedy. Rather, it is realistic that we can expect that people who spend so much money to go to the convention will likely focus on trying to expand their own personal collections. I would do the same if I was going.

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RpgGamerDad – Chilling Out

I didn’t write this article on the evening I set aside for it. Why? I’ll tell you why – because I was chilling out playing Skyrim instead. I worked hard on something else all day and gave myself a little time off to play video games because I felt I needed it.

Like many gamers, I take this hobby pretty seriously – of course it’s awesome fun — but that’s why I take it so seriously. Something as fantastic as playing roleplaying games deserves to be done really well.

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Meet the Party: 5th Edition D&D Elemental Evil

The Elder Elemental Eye sees all . . . and longs to drown it in chaos! Elementals run rampant and the world itself seem to be tearing apart at the seams. It’s going to take some very special adventurers, and maybe even some heroes, to save the day this time. A ranger who takes to the skies. A wizard from beneath the earth who shapes the world around him. A cleric who is one with the waves that he worships. A barbarian who wears the mantle of the spirits. It’s time to Meet the Party for 5th Edition D&D once again as they fight Elemental Evil!

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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 06 “Adventuring Options”

Adam and Jared discuss the different genres you can play with in D&D 5e beyond just basic fantasy. Add Sci-fi, or horror, or even chage the style of your fantasy setting from high to low. We’ll help you figure out ways to implement them in your game.

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Finding The Fun: Seven Hills Convention

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last Finding the Fun, so let’s do something a little out of the ordinary. Instead of a review of an RPG system, how about I walk you through the highlights of my weekend at Seven Hills, and treat you to some bite-size reviews of the new games I tried at this local convention?

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potelbat Ep. 90 “Up Your Auntie!”

The season ender for Star Wars: Rebels* has come and gone, but it set Sammy thinking. And when Sammy thinks, we’re all just a tiny bit more ‘in trouble’.

Fortunately, what he was thinking was how to up the ante at your table when it comes time to make things that little bit more difficult for your players. And then we talk poker.

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Gaming in the Wild: A World on Fire

So it happened just the other day, but it’s still happening everywhere I look, and with every person I see. It’s actually happened eighty-eight million times since it first happened, and it’s happening more and more with each passing hour. What is happening is not as important as what it means. It means that the other guy is you, and that we’re all in this together.

That’s right, the second trailer dropped.

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