Meet the Party: Age of Rebellion #2

A veteran of the Clone Wars determined to avenge the Jedi and crush the Galactic Empire in space. A genius mechanic with a chip on her shoulder and credits in her future. A hotshot pilot determined to face the Empire’s best and burn them down. A back-seat gunner with a recorder, broadcasting the Alliance’s victories from his turret seat. Each Meet the Party article gives you an entire group of ready-to-play adventurers (maybe even some heroes) for your gaming needs for a variety of systems and settings. It’s time to travel back to a galaxy far, far away and launch your Y-wings after you Meet the Party for Age of Rebellion from Fantasy Flight Games!

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Stories of the Fifth Age Ep. 19: “Outlander”

Living beyond the fringes of society, beyond the comforts of civilization’s many structures and formalities, people exist in both small communities and as roaming exiles. These people have their own view of the world and the ways that a person should act and behave, often radically difference from those within the cities and towns of larger societies.

Marauders, nomads, homesteaders, when these people interact with those of normal civilization, worlds can sometimes collide. What brings these people to take up the mantle of an adventurer and walk alongside of others? Adam and Jared discuss the background and how it can influence the classes.

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MAS Spotlight: “Guy in a Clown Mask” | Payday 2

Give a guy a clown* mask and he gets all criminal.

He’ll steal anything and shoot almost anyone. So it’s really no surprise that @agentshades opens the game with his stealth character by shooting up a mall.

Not for the faint of heart, I suppose.

*With apologies to Brent Brown.

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Delve 18: “On My Level”

This week on Delve, Alex and Nathan go into leveling mechanics. What are levels good for? What do they do for you?  Why do you even need them?

Can a system without levels work, and how do you determine your ability to defeat encounters if you don’t have level? Just a few things Delved into this week.

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The Toolkit: Engaging the Senses – NPCs

“The wizard twirls his staff with a flourish and starts toward you, his red robes billowing in the wind. ‘Come closer, so I might tell thee-‘”

“-Wait, what does he sound like?”

He sounds upper-class, well-educated. He beckons you to come closer. ‘I wish to tell-‘”

“-What kind of robes are they, do they look expensive?”

They’re silk with gold at the hem. ‘Come closer, adventurer. I wish to tell-‘

“-But what-


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