Libraries – Home to Adventure

The most powerful thing in the world is the imagination. It can make worlds and bring order or chaos to the world. When someone puts pen to paper it can take the imagination to entirely new places or inspire new ideas. So add a little bit of magic, throw in some adventurers, and you have a dungeon.

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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 77: “Druids”

Mastery over nature, and balance between the four elements are the ways of the Druid. A class of unique power and role within the options of D&D, the Druid presents many ways for its abilities to interact with the world at large, and retains a distinct mystique behind the society that binds the druidic orders together.

This week, our hosts speak on the druid, breaking down tropes and themes, and offering insight into how to apply the class more effectively within the worlds we play.

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Delve 78: “Boston Bound”

This weeks episode of Delve is a little different. Nathan and I decided to get out of the house for a change and go down to Boston to attend the Boston Festival of Indie Games. While we figure out how to get some video and audio from the show figured out, we give to you a post-8-hour-day of interviews!

So we present to you, the post game analysis of this years BFIG!

(See below for the full YouTube playlist of all the game we saw.)

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GM Word of the Week — Henge

Let’s learn about some special words. One of them has us talking about Japanese monsters and mythical creatures.

The other gets us going about rocks and stones in Egypt and the places of the dead.

And the trick is, they both look like the same word.

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Adventure Log: Living on Borrowed Time Part 9

For the second time in a week the Borrowed Time dropped out of hyperspace for a rendezvous with the Alliance Intelligence frigate Shadow Raptor. Cole had, of course, piloted the vessel on its short trip to transport the Antarian Rangers and drop off the stolen TIE Phantoms. Nak and Shikte had been sent along to act as gunners, and Patience had come along for the ride as the liaison with the Rangers themselves. For once a trip had gone off without a hitch, and the Borrowed Time crew were eager to re-unite with the rest of their number. They initially had some trouble spotting the Raptor: like last time the ship’s dark coloration and limited running lights made it difficult to spot. Eventually, however, Cole picked it out of the void and immediately asked over the ship’s comms why it might be tumbling end over end towards the event horizon of a black hole.

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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 76: “Cultural Identity”

Stepping into a new town can be an alien experience, surrounded by the swirl of a culture that isn’t your own. To be able to find a familiar connection within this unfamiliar terrain is a powerful experience. All too often, both of these experiences, the isolation and the familiarity, are things we neglect in our games.

This week, our trio of hosts discuss ways to bring personal culture into the game and make the world feel more personal connections.

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Delve 77: “And the Kobolds Continue”

We Delve back into some Legendary Adventures this week as Daniel tells us all about the different scenarios that are available to you. What’s better than 10 Kobolds? 1,000 Kobolds of different variety writing Shakespeare, because that’s probably what will happen.

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Gm Word of the Week — The Lost Episode

All who wander are not lost. Especially around here at the GM Word of the Week studio. Sometimes, though, there just isn’t enough room for all the good bits we turn up when making an episode.

Not to mention that you folks have asked a lot of questions about how things get done around here. So we’ll tell you.

Didn’t expect that, did you?

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