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A Great Big Fish

Hello folks.

First, let me thank you, one and all, for your collective efforts over the last three years. Each of you has helped to make MAS not only a resource for new and aspiring GMs and players, but also a platform for people who are passionate enough about gaming to want to write and talk about it with others.


The Mad Adventurers Disassemble

Reprinted with almost no permission at all from Cannibal
Halfling Gaming.

Seamus explains where to find every one:


One Adventure Ends, Another Begins

Well, this is it. After roughly two years and 75 articles (such a satisfying number) my time at the Mad Adventurers Society is coming to an end, as the Society itself closes its doors. I’ve puzzled over what I’d like my final words on the matter to be, and in the end they might ramble a bit, but here they are.


Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep: Final! “Paladins”

Bright armor gleaming like the sun, and swinging holy swords to smite down the foes of all that is good and just, the Paladin is one of the greatest tropes in fantasy literature, and D&D lore. It is also one of the most maligned and oft abused classes, with more than a few parties dreading to see anyone at the table playing the “Lawful Stupid” of systems old.

In this final episode of Stories of the Fifth Age, our hosts discuss the class and how 5th edition helps break some of these old molds, and brings some new life into the class, as well as ways to make playing the class more fun, for everyone at the table.


Adventure Log: Living on Borrowed Time Part 14

The Borrowed Time, the CR-90 corvette called the Last Ditch, and a mixed group of starfighters cruised through the darkness of space, several hyperjumps away from the planet Dahvil and the now-destroyed Rebel base there. While the rebels had made good their escape and savaged the Imperials in the process they were faced with an immediate problem: the Time‘s communication codes with Alliance High Command had expired days ago, and new ones were supposed to be delivered to them via the now-destroyed base. With no way to immediately get back in touch with the Alliance, the small task force was going to have to rely on old intelligence and their own judgment; they’d be picking their own objectives for a while.


Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 90: “Wizards and Sorcerers”

Whether hunched over stacks of arcane tomes, or feeling the stirrings of unknown power from within their blood, the wizard and sorcerer are two of the most well known classes within D&D. Sharing many of the same spells in their repertoire, but handling them in very different ways, how they stand apart is often a source of much debate.

In this episode, our hosts are joined by previous guest (and known Wizard lover) Nicole to discuss these two classes and how to take hold of the arcane stories they can tell.


Gaming in the Wild: Pretty (Frustrated) in Pink

I want to thank everyone who took the time to let me know how much you enjoy my writings, and your further encouragement for me to keep producing content once the Mad Adventurers close their doors in the new year. It means a lot to me to know that you are out thereā€¦


Meet the Party: Mistborn Adventure Game

A rebel survivor, blessed with the power of metals and at one with the mists, trying to make sure his rebellion doesn’t die alone. A bastard Thug-for-hire who should’ve never been born, determined to make her name live on. A noble fallen from grace, climbing through the shadows to get back what he’s lost and get back at those who took it from him. A Keeper of Terris chasing secrets of the Metallic Arts, determined to make the deaths that have kept her alive worth it. A shapeshifting kandra who has violated his people’s laws and struck out on his own to find a life and Homeland beyond the contracts. It’s time to Meet the Party for the Mistborn Adventure Game from Crafty Games!


Every End is a New Beginning

All things come to an end. Monsters meet their end to adventurers, adventurers meet their end to monsters or other adventurers, items are destroyed, and societies will disband.


Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 89: “Rangers”

Living amongst the wilderness, and traversing the myriad deadly terrains that make up the fantasy realms of D&D, few are as comfortable as the Ranger. Whether alone or in a group, these stalkers of the wilds are known to possess skills that allow them to survive and thrive in places that most others would perish if left to their own devices.

In this episode, our hosts discuss how the ranger can be more than just the smelly lover of animals and hunting, the solitary misanthropes of far too many stereotypes.