The Toolkit: The Great Caper

I have a question. Say we get into the cage, and through the security doors there and down the elevator we can’t move, and past the guards with the guns, and into the vault we can’t open. We’re just supposed to walk out of there with a hundred and fifty million dollars in cash on us, without getting stopped?”

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Angry Rants: Stop Playing Against Stereotypes!

Dear Players,

Stop picking a race and then playing the character as the exact opposite of the racial stereotypes because you think it makes your character special or unique. Stop playing the brash, impetuous elf barbarian who rejected everything about being an elf. Stop playing the cheerful, jokey, sober dwarf who hates money and became a forest naturalist. Just. F$&%ing. Stop.

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Tales From the Hydian Way: Episode 52 – The Binding Tale

We talk about Bind, Protect/Unleash, and Battle meditation in this episode.

We give the High-Powered abilities a look to see how they can be misused by GMs and to see how they can be used to tell amazing stories.

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Tales of a Married Gamer – Using Assertive Communication

Recently, a friend of mine who reads my blog, and who would be defined as a casual boardgamer sent me a question via my phone. Because I have a horrible old iPhone 4 (soon to be an iPhone5, here I come future… wait there is an iPhone 6 already?), I am only going to paraphrase what he asked me. My friend wants to play roleplaying games with a group, but it seems that he is having some stress about how to communicate with the group he has joined.

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RpgGamerDad – RpgGamerKids RPG is Now Out!

On Monday we released RpgGamerKids – our roleplaying game for kids and grown-ups to play together. So far we are averaging 1500 downloads a day which is very gratifying. Either people are interested or internet bots are – and given how quickly artificial intelligence is developing, I imagine those internet bots love gaming with their young botlings too. RpgGamerKids supports robot inclusivity.

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The Independents: Ryuutama

Welcome back to The Independents, your source for reviews of out-of-the-box tabletop roleplaying games. The small outfits, the crazy geniuses, the little projects, the ‘Indie’ creators who are simply out to make a name for themselves and a game people can enjoy. Here at The Independents we aim to highlight some of these games, for a change of pace and a new (and great) experience!

Long ago the four dragons of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter gave life to twenty dragons of earth and sky, who in turn gave the world its beautiful form, its ever-changing weather, and its many forms of life. These twenty-four dragons were the start of everything we know, and their kin still maintain a watchful eye. Today, an ancient custom among the people tells that all men and women must leave their homes and travel on at least one extended journey. Called Travelers, these people live a life of danger and great rewards, for though the wilds are full of monsters and treacherous terrain and the weather often fierce they are also beautiful, full of potential. And, always, one of the one-thousand and one Ryuujin watches over the Travelers, recording their stories and guiding their steps. Come on, Travelers. The path to Ryuutama awaits.

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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 24: “Classes by Race: Dwarves”

Hardy, bearded and smelling faintly of ale, the Dwarves are a staple of every D&D campaign setting. With proud kingdoms set amidst and beneath strong mountains, this long-lived race holds deep pride in their traditions and history. Keeping organized in the face of powerful threats from above and below, the Dwarves are always known for being stalwart allies and the strength of their communities.

In this episode, Adam and Jared explore how the various classes of 5th edition could fit into this more structured society, from the raging chaos of the Gutbuster Brigade, to the oft-misunderstood machinations of a Warlock’s mystic powers.

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