Tales of a Married Gamer – My Name is Kafka

Welcome to a very special Tales of a Married Gamer (ToaMG). Today, we have an exclusive one-on-one interview with the third member of the ToaMG household, the famous Shepherd mix named Kafka. Kafka will tell us a lot of his favorite games, secrets of the ToaMG household, as well as what games are getting played in the household and what new games he would like to see on the table. Ready? Here we go!

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RpgGamerDad – We Make Our Own Rules!

In a recent interview on RpgGamerDad Podcast, a cadre of Mad Adventurers contributors were entertaining, likeable and mostly non-libellous. It’s a great interview and you should listen to it when you finish this article (which is why the link is at the bottom of this page). They spoke of  many things but one thing particularly caught my interest; our esteemed Editor-In-Chief, Viscount Fiddleback made a comment which caused me to ponder deeply about how the RpgGamerFamily approaches gaming. He said this:

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Adventurer’s League from Behind the Screen


Editor’s Note: On Monday, we ran this article from The Angry GM, which you should read first. Over the course of this week, a number of opinions and discussions have cropped up here and there around the internet. However, only one individual got into direct contact with us to express his opinion of the article. He had, initially, many points of disagreement and was actively defending much of the Adventurer’s League program and Encounters specifically. Such enthusiasm and, if I can say so, tenacity are rare. So rare that we offered him an opportunity to write a rebuttal article which we would run on The Mad Adventurers Society in equal standing with the original post. That was Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday morning I received a Tweet from him:

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Meet the Party: Hired Guns of Hutt Space

An up-and-coming Hutt with dreams of talking his way to the top. A Gank cyborg with an unhealthy addiction to adrenaline and explosives. A Klatooinian heavy who dreams of buying or shooting his way out of the game. A Nikto brawler and thug who considers all this to be just another day job. Each Meet the Party article gives you an entire group of ready-to-play adventurers (maybe even some heroes) for your gaming needs for a variety of systems and settings. It’s time to head to Hutt Space to meet a wannabe clan leader and his band of hired thugs, as we Meet the Party for Edge of the Empire from Fantasy Flight Games!

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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 29: “Villains and Antagonists”

Not every villain can be caught monologuing to give away their nefarious plans.

Every game has antagonists of scale and grade, from local level thugs and magistrates, all the way to malevolent gods or other supernatural forces. These antagonists are sources of much needed conflict, to be catalysts of action and purpose within the larger story and narrative threads. In this episode, Adam and Jared discuss effective antagonists and the ways that you can create a party’s drive to defeat them.

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potelbat Ep. 107 “Showcase: GM Word of the Week”

This episode of potebat is a little different. We do a lot of neat stuff at The Mad Adventurers Society. Other podcasts for instance.

In this episode we showcase GM Word of the Week with one of our favorite episodes, “Crepuscular”. We hope you like it, too.

You can find GM Word of the Week on iTunes as well as right here on MAS.

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Gaming in the Wild: Facing the Music

When you set goals for yourself and analyze your priorities, sometimes you come to uncomfortable conclusions. Fear and doubt keep us from moving towards the unfamiliar, and the prospect of losing something dear to you can keep you from stepping out of your comfort zones. But what if the path to a more satisfying existence is the prize for these risks? What if by walking away from something for a while, you can actually save it?

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