Delve 46: “Complicated Board Game The Card Game The Podcast”

Things get really complicated this week on Delve as we talk to Jason Turner and Pat Brennan about their board game.. or is it a card game…it’s probably safer to say their tabletop game “Complicated Board Game the Card Game”.

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Angry Rants: Semantical Nonsense (And Depth vs. Complexity)


I’ve always wanted to say that. But it turns out that if you walk into a local newspaper office and just scream “stop the mother$&%ing presses,” they ask you to leave. And sometimes call the police. And they issue restraining orders. Because the Bridgeport Daily Tribune can f$&% off. [Dear Legal Department of the Bridgeport Daily Tribune: We have no money, please don’t sue. Respectfully – Ed]

Anyway, stop the presses. I had a topic planned for this week. But then something happened. I got accused of the seventh worst thing you can accuse me on The Angry GM Top 10 List of Things that I Will F$&%ing Punch You for Saying. I got accused of “semantic nonsense.” And not JUST by the judge in The Angry GM v. Bridgeport Daily Tribune and Editor in Chief Ann Braithway. I got accused of semantic nonsense by a fellow gamer. And someone I thought was a frienemy.

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The Toolkit: Backgrounds, Part Three – Resources

Khash looks over the summoning circle, scattering a handful of ashes around the edge, and then takes a knee, muttering an incantation under his breath. “Daerys, ancient Lady of strife and scorn, hear my invocation. I have need of your aid.” With a small effort of will, he mentally closes the circle, feeling a blast of cold air from the circle.

You risk much by summoning me, apprentice.” Says a disembodied voice from within the circle. “What aid do you require?”

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Stories of the Fifth Age, Ep. 45: “Entertainer”

Since the dawn of civilization, there have always been those who have sought to find ways to make their way in life through making others laugh, cry, smile, or cheer. Stirring emotional responses through poetry, music and writing, feats of dexterity or strength, a masterful play, or the myriad other possibilities are the calling cards of an entertainer. Within the fantasy realms of D&D, many adventurers would find their calling to the life of sword and magic from these same roads of fame and fortune.

This week, Adam and Jared discuss the Entertainer background, considering how it’s varied options could tie into the various classes and lead into the life of an adventurer on the road.

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Novel Ideas – Death in the Andes

Mario Vargas Llosa is one of the great modern novelists, spinning tales often exploring the harsh realities of the world which we live in. Hailing from Peru, Vargas often focuses on the issues and turmoil within his own country: corruption amongst government officials and the elite, the social and physical distances between the rich and poor, and the Maoist guerillas who have fought for their own ways of life high in the Andes mountain range. Death in the Andes is Vargas’ attempt to try to understand how the Maoist group known as the “Shining Path”, have continued to carry out acts of brutality that would seem senseless to others. In terms of themes and trying to understand rebel factions, Death in the Andes provides intriguing insight into the tactics and thought patterns of this terrorist group.

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