The Toolkit: Magic Items

I’m getting pretty tired of rolling up potions or scrolls for my home group’s loot. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a potion of healing or a scroll of magic missile, they’re useful items but not particularly interesting ones. Let’s see what we can do to fix that!

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Angry Rants: Encumbrance

You know what’s a s$&% ton of fun? Math. Everyone loves math. And charts. And spreadsheets. And little columns of numbers. And that’s why no one ever hated encumbrance and carrying capacity in D&D and why there’s no point in even writing about it. So, instead of writing this column this week, I can just go jump on my winged unicorn and fly to the land of Elyisum where chocolate-covered topless men and women deliver infinite supplies of zero calorie, zero hangover beer that even diabetics can drink. Because I am obviously living in the World of Dreams.

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Tales From the Hydian Way: Episode 30 – The Tale of Shiny Things

Ben had no idea about equipment and was starting to worry he was doing it very wrong. Cam had some ideas so they started talking about it. Thankfully someone had the recorder going so all of you can benefit from the discussion on equipment and how to get it to mean something to the players while not being too giving or to miserly with it.

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There’s a Vampire Around Here Someplace

Here’s a vampire themed adventure, in the raw. A plot outline and a story to tie it all together. It’s pretty standard and pretty generic, but I’m sure you can add appropriate numbers to things that need them and find a good map or two online to fill in the details. Have fun with it.

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RpgGamerDad – Kids and Combat

Combat in role-playing games: part of the deal, right? Everyone likes it really, even if we discuss at length how to get the pacing right, how to make fights interesting, how to stop it being a 3-hour session of dice-rolling drudgery? The familiar feeling of the dice in the hand? Looking up numbers on my character sheet instead of the tricky business of staying in character? Cool. I love that. What about descriptions? Should I let it get gory? Should I focus on the numbers and keep it nice and neat and tactical? Should I narrate outrageous Feng Shui RPG-style Hong-Kong cinema stunts? All of the above? Yeah, why not! I use all of these techniques as a player or GM depending on what suits the game and how I feel at the time. And I’m sure most of us agree that combat it is a fun part of the hobby and maybe even essential.

But how about combat in RPGs with kids?

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